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  • Panelists Discuss Future of Iraq and Syria
    Last Aired

    Future of Iraq and Syria, Panel 3

    The U.S. Institute of Peace hosted a series of discussions on the future of Iraq and Syria in a post-ISIS era. This portion featured U.S. government and military officials who talked about…

  • Brett McGurk Briefs Reporters on Combating ISIS at the State Department
    Last Aired

    Combating ISIS

    Brett McGurk, special presidential envoy for the global coalition to defeat ISIS, briefed reporters at the State Department on coalition efforts over the past six months in Iraq and Syria. He…

  • Defense Secretary Military Solution to North Korea Would Be Tragic on Unbelievable Scale
    Last Aired

    Defense Department Briefing

    Defense Secretary James Mattis and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair General Joseph Dunford provided an update on the military campaign to combat ISIS. Secretary Mattis said President Trump had ordered a…

  • Iraqi Foreign Minister IbrahimalJaafari Delivers Remarks at USIP
    Last Aired

    Iraqi Foreign Minister Remarks

    Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari spoke about combating ISIS* in Mosul, foreign assistance and relations with Turkey, and Saudi Arabia. The foreign minister said combating ISIS is a…

  • Hearing on the Evolving Threat of ISIS
    Last Aired

    Evolving Threat of ISIS

    Brett McGurk testified at a hearing on the threat posed by ISIS* in Iraq, Syria, and Libya. Mr. McGurk had recently returned from the region where he met with Syrian Kurdish groups in…

  • State Department Briefing
    Last Aired

    State Department Daily Briefing

    Brett McGurk began the daily State Department briefing with a special report on efforts to combat ISIL.* Following Mr. McGurk’s remarks, John Kirby responded to questions on a variety of…

  • State Department Briefing
    Last Aired

    State Department Daily Briefing

    At the State Department daily briefing, Brett McGurk spoke to reporters about efforts to combat ISIS.** The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant…

  • Hearing on the Islamic State ISISISIL
    Last Aired

    Islamic State Threat Assessment

    Brett McGurk, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Iraq and Iran testified at a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on the Obama administration’s strategy against Islamic State*…

  • Hearing on Terrorism in Iraq
    Last Aired

    Violence and Politics in Iraq

    State and Defense Departments officials testified about the dominance of the militant group ISIS.* Brett McGurk told the committee that the situation in Iraq was extremely serious, and that ISIS…

  • Hearing on US Policy in Iraq
    Last Aired

    Iraq Violence and Politics

    State and Defense Department officials, a former CIA analyst, and a former U.S. ambassador to Iraq testified about the dominance of the militant group ISIS* in ongoing violence and…

  • Hearing Al Qaeda in Iraq
    Last Aired

    Al-Qaida in Iraq

    Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Iraq and Iran Brett McGurk testified on the resurgence of al-Qaida in Iraq.

  • Oil Production in Iraq
    Last Aired

    Oil Production in Iraq

    Panelists talked about oil production and distribution in Iraq, as well as challenges facing the industry in post-war Iraq. Iraq’s crude oil production had been recovering, producing a…

  • Iraq Security  Issues Panel 2 Part 2
    Last Aired

    Iraq Security Issues, Panel 2, Part 2

    Witnesses testified on security issues in Iraq. Panelists included Brett McGurk, international affairs fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations; Douglas Ollivant, senior national security fellow in…