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  • US and Global Economic Growth
    Last Aired

    U.S. and Global Economic Growth

    The Joint Economic Committee held a hearing on economic growth in the U.S. and other countries through federal spending and debt reduction. Witnesses also talked about a report by Republican members,…

  • emGovernments Place in the Marketem
    Last Aired

    Government's Place in the Market

    Eliot Spitzer, former governor of New York and New York State attorney general, presents his thoughts on when the government should intervene in the financial market. Mr. Spitzer argues that government assistance…

  • TenYear Economic Outlook
    Last Aired

    Ten-Year Economic Outlook

    Witnesses testified about the long-term economic outlok and about proposals for a summit to address the nation’s economic problems, including the $14 trillion dollar debt. Senator Kent…

  • Troubled Asset Relief Program and Financial Stability Economists Panel
    Last Aired

    Troubled Asset Relief Program and Financial Stability, Economists Panel

    Economists testified on the successes and failures of the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP). This was the final hearing of TARP panel, which is scheduled to dissolve on April 3, 2011.

  • 2010 Financial Regulations Law
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    2010 Financial Regulations Law

    Former Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Chair Sheila Bair talked about the implementation of the 2010 financial regulations law and the 2008 financial crisis. The FDIC was involved with…

  • Debt and Equity Tax Treatment
    Last Aired

    Debt and Equity Tax Treatment

    Witnesses testified about overhauling the tax code and the economic impacts of taxation on business and individual debt. This was the first tax-related joint hearing of the Senate Finance…