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  • Citizen Journalism in the Digital Age
    Last Aired

    Citizen Journalism in the Digital Age

    Bob Woodward and other journalists representing Russia, Pakistan, and Al Jazeera talked about journalism in the digital age. They also answered questions from audience members at the end of…

  • Current Political News
    Last Aired

    Current Political News

    Perry Bacon and Abderrahim Foukara talked about the latest news stories. Topics included military action against Libya and the latest upheavals in other countries in the Muslim world, Obama…

  • Implications of the Uprising in Egypt
    Last Aired

    Implications of the Uprising in Egypt

    Journalists discussed the unrest and anti-government protests in Egypt. Among the issues they addressed were the evolving events on the ground in Cairo and other cities across Egypt,…

  • US International Challenges in 2011
    Last Aired

    U.S. International Challenges in 2011

    Abderrahim Foukara and Toby Harnden talked about the major international issues facing the United States in 2011, including regional conflicts and potential hotspots, and global and…