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  • Pakistans InterService Intelligence
    Last Aired

    Pakistan's Inter-Service Intelligence

    Panelists talked about Pakistan’s Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) agency and its alleged involvement in several terrorism attacks. Among the topics they addressed were the structure of the…

  • Death of Osama bin Laden and the Future of Pakistan
    Last Aired

    Death of Osama bin Laden and the Future of Pakistan

    Panelists spoke about U.S.-Pakistan relations in the wake of a military raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound outside Islamabad. Former Michigan Representative Peter Hoekstra said calls for…

  • US Terrorism Threats From Pakistan
    Last Aired

    U.S. Terrorism Threats From Pakistan

    Witnesses testified about national security threats posed by terrorist groups and the impact the killing of Osama bin Laden might have on U.S. and Pakistan relations. Among the issues…

  • Pakistan Security Forces
    Last Aired

    Pakistan Security Forces

    Panelists talked about the role Pakistan’s military might playin securing Afghanistan when the U.S. withdraws from the country. Among the topics they addressed the structure of the military, the…

  • Future of Pakistan Panel 1
    Last Aired

    Future of Pakistan, Panel 1

    Panelists talked about Pakistan’s future, particularly its role in global affairs. The discussion served as a platform for the organization’s new book titled The Future of Pakistan. One of…

  • Future of USPakistan Relations
    Last Aired

    Future of U.S.-Pakistan Relations

    Shuja Nawaz talked about the future of U.S.-Pakistan relations following the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan. U.S. legislators have been questioning our relationship as well as…

  • Policy Implications for Pakistans Future
    Last Aired

    Policy Implications for Pakistan's Future

    Panelists talked about the future of Pakistan’s relations with the U.S., as well as its relations with India and Afghanistan. They also responded to questions from the audience. This…