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  • Debt and Deficit Reduction
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    Debt and Deficit Reduction

    Members of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget held a news conference about their Campaign to Fix the Debt initiative. After the news conference ended, former Senator Judd Gregg…

  • Bill Clinton Remarks on the ExportImport Bank
    Last Aired

    Bill Clinton Remarks on the Export-Import Bank

    Former President Bill Clinton spoke at an Export-Import Bank conference. He called on Congress to renew the bank’s charter for a longer term and raise its lending limit, and commented on…

  • Reducing Health Care Costs
    Last Aired

    Reducing Health Care Costs

    Businessmen and politicians agreed that rising health care costs were one of the main factors driving long term deficits in the U.S. They discussed ways to make the health care system more efficient…

  • Tax Reform
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    Tax Reform

    Panelists discussed efforts to craft a tax reform package that would reduce rates and the deficit without eliminating tax breaks that benefit large portions of the middle class. Mark Zandi said going…