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  • emMy Grandfathers Sonem Book Party
    Last Aired

    My Grandfather's Son Book Party

    A reception to mark the publication of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas' memoir, My Grandfather’s Son: A Memoir, published by Harper, was held by radio host and columnist Armstrong…

  • Second Annual Faith and Freedom Conference Part 2
    Last Aired

    Second Annual Faith and Freedom Conference, Part 2

    The Faith and Freedom Coalition held its second annual conference. Speakers included Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, House Speaker John Boehner, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, and…

  • Second Annual Faith and Freedom Conference Saturday Session
    Last Aired

    Second Annual Faith and Freedom Conference, Saturday Session

    The Faith and Freedom Coalition held a Saturday session during its second annual conference. Speakers included U.S. Representative Tom McClintock (R-CA), Former Education Secretary Bill…

  • Standard and Poors US Debt Rating
    Last Aired

    Standard and Poor's U.S. Debt Rating

    John Fund talked about Standard and Poor’s lowering of the long-term outlook for U.S. debt from “stable” to "negative, due to risks from the country’s growing debt. He also responded to…

  • Businesses States and Economic Growth
    Last Aired

    Businesses, States, and Economic Growth

    Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and CEOs Steve Wynn and Fred Smith talked about the role of government and businesses in promoting economic growth, and the impact of the new health care…

  • Right Online Conference Day 2
    Last Aired

    Right Online Conference, Day 2

    Participants spoke about conservative issues, the Tea Party movement, and the influence of talk radio and the Internet on the 2010 midterm elections.

  • Conservative Political Action Conference Afternoon Session
    Last Aired

    Conservative Political Action Conference, Afternoon Session

    Political leaders and conservative activists talked about the conservative moment and the Obama administration at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Among the topics addressed…

  • Debate on Abolishing the Federal Reserve
    Last Aired

    Debate on Abolishing the Federal Reserve

    A debate was held on the usefulness of the Federal Reserve in light of the recent economic downturn. Participating in the debate were Warren Coats and John Fund, who defended reforming the Federal Reserve, vs. Gene Epstein and Thomas…

  • ACORN and the Election
    Last Aired

    ACORN and the Election

    Accuracy in Media, a self-described conservative media watchdog group, hosted its 40th annual conference. Panelists discussed the community organization group called ACORN. Speakers include a…

  • Defending the American Dream Summit
    Last Aired

    Defending the American Dream Summit

    Speakers talked about a number of issues from a conservative perspective. Among the topics addressed were health care reform legislation, economic policy, and proposed energy legislation.

  • John Fund on Health Care Reform
    Last Aired

    John Fund on Health Care Reform

    John Fund spoke about problems Democrats were having in passing health care legislation and their prospects in future elections. He focused on President Ronald Reagan’s warnings that…

  • Performance of Obama Administration
    Last Aired

    Performance of Obama Administration

    John Fund talked about the performance of the Obama Administration, with particular focus on health care, the economy, and what President Obama should focus on next. He responded to telephone…

  • Second Annual RightOnline Conference
    Last Aired

    Second Annual RightOnline Conference

    The Americans for Prosperity Foundation held it second annual RightOnline Conference. Speakers included Michelle Malkin and Grover Norquist, as well as several other conservative bloggers…

  • AfricanAmericans and the Economy
    Last Aired

    African-Americans and the Economy

    A panel discussion was held on economic issues for African Americans. Topics included the causes of the financial markets crisis, the global economic outlook, infrastructure projects, personal debt and individual…

  • emStealing Electionsem
    Last Aired

    Stealing Elections

    John Fund talked about the flaws in the the U.S. voting system that increase the potential for voter fraud and the efforts made by actors in exploiting these flaws. He spoke on the role of…

  • Defending the American Dream
    Last Aired

    Defending the American Dream

    The Americans for Prosperity Foundation held a its second national “Defending the American Dream Summit” to promote federal spending restraint. Participants spoke about the state of the…

  • Culture and Politics of Washington DC
    Last Aired

    Culture and Politics of Washington, D.C.

    John Fund talked about the culture and politics of Washington, D.C. to current National Journalism Center interns, alumni, friends, and supporters of the internship program. Topics included the education system and…

  • Campaign 2008
    Last Aired

    Campaign 2008

    John Fund talked about presidential politics, including Governor Romney’s suspension of his campaign. He talked about Senator McCain’s appeal to conservative voters at CPAC, former Governor…

  • Ayn Rands View on Politics
    Last Aired

    Ayn Rand's View on Politics

    October 2007 marked the 50th anniversary of the publication of Ayn Rand’s bestselling novel Atlas Shrugged, of which an estimated 6 million copies have been sold. To celebrate the anniversary, the…

  • Values Voter Summit Saturday
    Last Aired

    Values Voter Summit, Saturday

    Presidential candidates Rudy Giuliani and Governor Mike Huckabee spoke to conservative activists gathered at the second day of a three-day Values Voters Summit sponsored by Family Research…

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