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  • President Clinton DDay Speech at Normandy American Cemetery 1994
    Last Aired

    President Clinton at D-Day 50th Anniversary

    President Clinton spoke at the 50th anniversary of D-Day and visited the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial above Omaha Beach in Colleville-sur-Mer, France. The president paid tribute to the Americans who served in…

  • NunnLugar Act 25th Anniversary
    Last Aired

    Nunn-Lugar Act 25th Anniversary

    Former Senators Sam Nunn (D-GA) and Richard Lugar (R-IN) participated in a panel discussion on the 25th Anniversary of the Soviet Nuclear Threat Reduction Act of 1991, which was signed by…

  • Ash Carter and William Perry Discuss Innovation and Defense Policy
    Last Aired

    Defense Innovation

    Defense Secretary Ashton Carter and William Perry, Secretary Carter’s Clinton administration predecessor, talked about technology and innovation at the Pentagon. Secretary Carter said all ongoing…

  • Discussion on Nuclear Threats
    Last Aired

    Nuclear Security Policy

    Governor Jerry Brown (D-CA) and former Defense Secretary William Perry talked about the threat posed by nuclear weapons, as well as what can be done on the federal and local levels to…

  • Former Defense Secretaries on USChina Relations
    Last Aired

    U.S.-China Relations

    Former Defense Secretaries Harold Brown, William Perry, William Cohen, and Chuck Hagel talked about U.S.-China relations, as well as lessons learned during their tenure at the Pentagon. Topics included…

  • Ceremonial SwearingIn of Defense Secretary Ashton Carter
    Last Aired

    Ceremonial Swearing-In of Defense Secretary Ashton Carter

    Defense Secretary Ashton Carter participated in a ceremonial swearing-in ceremony and reception at the Pentagon. Supreme Court Justice Elana Kagan administered the oath of office. Secretary…

  • 2012 Nuclear Outlook
    Last Aired

    2012 Nuclear Outlook

    Participants spoke about U.S. military strategy and the future of nuclear deterrence. They focused on major threats from nuclear proliferation, potential uses of nuclear weapons by…

  • Quadrennial Defense Review
    Last Aired

    Quadrennial Defense Review

    William Perry and Stephen Hadley testified on the final report of the independent panel’s assessment of the Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR). Among the topics they addressed were…

  • National Security Strategy
    Last Aired

    National Security Strategy

    Following opening remarks at a conference on national security, panelists talked about major foreign policy and national security challenges facing the nation. Among the topics they…

  • Saudi Arabia Base Bombing
    Last Aired

    Saudi Arabia Base Bombing

    Committee members heard testimony from Department of Defense officials concerning a report by a Pentagon task force led by Wayne Downing after its investigation into the bombing of a U.S.…

  • Iraq Study Group Report
    Last Aired

    Iraq Study Group Report

    The Iraq Study Group held a press conference on its bipartisan effort to rethink military and political options in Iraq. Earlier in the day the group issues its report the public and to…

  • Democratic Radio Address
    Last Aired

    Democratic Radio Address

    In the weekly Democratic radio address former Defense Secretary Perry talked about the mistakes made in the war in Iraq.

  • Global Threats in the 21st Century
    Last Aired

    Global Threats in the 21st Century

    A roundtable of six internationally renowned panelists in world affairs, health, technology, and industry explored the issues of living in turbulent times, from terrorism and nuclear…

  • Military Preparedness
    Last Aired

    Military Preparedness

    Senator Reed and former foreign policy officials spoke to reporters about the status of the U.S. military, the affect of troop deployments on military readiness, and the potential impact on U.S.…

  • The Clinton Presidency  Officials
    Last Aired

    The Clinton Presidency: Officials

    The second day of the 11th Hofstra Presidential Conference, “William Jefferson Clinton: The "New Democrat” from Hope" began with a panel of three former top officials from the…

  • emSecret Empire  Eisenhower the CIA and Spaceem
    Last Aired

    Secret Empire: Eisenhower, the CIA, and Space

    Mr. Taubman talked about his book Secret Empire: Eisenhower, the CIA, and the Hidden Story of America’s Space Espionage, published by Simon and Schuster. The book tells the story of then…

  • VJ Day 50th Anniversary
    Last Aired

    V-J Day 50th Anniversary

    At a joint service review at Wheeler Air Force base honoring Pacific War veterans, President Clinton thanked veterans for their sacrafice and service to the nation. The president challenged…

  • Abu Ghraib Prisoner Treatment Investigation
    Last Aired

    Abu Ghraib Prisoner Treatment Investigation

    General Kern spoke about his investigation into and report of prisoner abuses by U.S. military and intelligence personnel involving Iraqi detainees at Abu Ghraib prison, potential…

  • Democratic National Convention Day 1 Afternoon Part 1
    Last Aired

    Democratic National Convention, Day 1 Afternoon, Part 1

    In the first part of the opening session of the Democratic National Convention in Boston, Democratic lawmakers and convention officials conducted convention business such as credentialing…

  • Democratic Party Platform Hearing Morning
    Last Aired

    Democratic Party Platform Hearing, Morning

    The Democratic National Committee held its third hearing on their party’s 2004 national platform at the Indian School in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The previous hearing had been cancelled due to…

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