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  • Former Senate Majority Leader Howard Baker on His Career and the Senate
    Last Aired

    Senate Leader Lecture - Howard Baker

    Howard Baker (R-TN), Senate majority leader from 1981 to 1985, offered his thoughts on Senate leadership and what made the chamber work. He also reflected on his first trip to the Senate in…

  • White House Press Conference
    Last Aired

    White House Press Conference

    White House Chief of Staff Howard Baker talked to reporters about his first day on the job and his relationship with President Reagan. He answered their questions. Other topics included the…

  • Watergate 25 Years Later
    Last Aired

    Watergate: 25 Years Later

    Panelists reflected on the Watergate scandal that culminated in the resignation of President Richard Nixon. This was part of a symposium that marked the 25th anniversary of the Watergate…

  • Prosperity Peace and Freedom
    Last Aired

    Prosperity, Peace, and Freedom

    Participants reflected on the Reagan Administration and his views on foreign policy. They focused on the increased strength of American defenses and the fight against Communism. They also…

  • White House Organization and Reorganization
    Last Aired

    White House Organization and Reorganization

    Former White House chiefs of staff spoke about the duties and responsibilities of the office during periods of transition in the middle of a president’s term. Among the issues they…

  • White House Transition Staff Viewpoint
    Last Aired

    White House Transition: Staff Viewpoint

    As part of a symposium marking the 200th anniversary of the White House, current and former White House officials spoke about the daily workings of the White House. Among the topics they…

  • Transferring the Panama Canal
    Last Aired

    Transferring the Panama Canal

    Participants discussed the history and importance of the Panama Canal, the 1979 treaties transferring control of the canal and establishing the permanent neutrality of the canal, and the…

  • President Reagans 83rd Birthday Celebration
    Last Aired

    President Reagan's 83rd Birthday Celebration

    During a birthday celebration for former President Reagan, former Prime Minister Thatcher, former Senator Baker, Senator Dole, and others spoke about the accomplishments of the Reagan…

  • Reagan Conference Closing Remarks
    Last Aired

    Reagan Conference Closing Remarks

    Mr. Baker paid tribute to President Reagan’s accomplishments and how he had the important characteristics to be president of the United States. He also talked about the positive aspects of U.S.…

  • Reflections on Ronald Reagan
    Last Aired

    Reflections on Ronald Reagan

    In honor of President Reagan’s 88th birthday, Mr. Buckley reflected on his friendship with the President. He also focused on the accomplishments of the Reagan administration, and the fall…

  • Interview Howard Baker
    Last Aired

    Interview: Howard Baker

  • New Pandas for the National Zoo
    Last Aired

    New Pandas for the National Zoo

    Secretary Small and other officials announced that China had agreed to loan two giant pandas to the National Zoo for a ten year period in return for an annual gift of $1 million to a…

  • Olympic Site Selection Process
    Last Aired

    Olympic Site Selection Process

    Witnesses testified about reforms undertaken by the International Olympic Committee to prevent corruption and ensure that cities bidding for the Olympic Games are given a fair chance. The…

  • Anniversary of Congressional Budget Act
    Last Aired

    Anniversary of Congressional Budget Act

    In a tribute to Senator Domemici, participants discussed passage of the Congressional Budget Act and the efforts over the years to balance the budget. Those who could not attend sent…

  • Reauthorization of Independent Counsel Act
    Last Aired

    Reauthorization of Independent Counsel Act

    Panelists testified that the independent counsel statute should be allowed to expire. Mr. Baker said that the independent counsel was, in essence, a fourth branch of government. Committee…

  • Reliable Sources
    Last Aired

    Reliable Sources

    Participants discussed how the government handles the issues of Medicare and Medicaid. They focused on how Medicare is a sensitive political issue and it is very difficult to reduce…

  • The Separation of Powers
    Last Aired

    The Separation of Powers

    Mr. Bell and Mr. Howard discussed a report released about the Independent Counsel laws, executive privilege, executive orders, and the inspector generals. After their prepared remarks…

  • Presidential Investigation
    Last Aired

    Presidential Investigation

    House Judiciary Committee members answered reporters' questions on the investigation of President Clinton. Representative Marty Meehan (D-MA) stated that the president should be punished, but the…

  • Internal Revenue Service Oversight Day 3
    Last Aired

    Internal Revenue Service Oversight, Day 3

    Committee members heard testimony from Internal Revenue Service auditors during the third day of hearings on IRS reform and oversight. The auditors testified about the phenomenon of large…

  • Trust and Participation in Democracy
    Last Aired

    Trust and Participation in Democracy

    Panelists discussed citizens' connection to their communities. Ms. Stahl moderated the panel which focused on participation in local and national politics. The panelists talked about the…

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