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  • Washington Journal Larry Sabato on Campaign 2016
    Last Aired

    Larry Sabato on Campaign 2016

    Larry Sabato talked about his predictions for 2016 Electoral College votes and the results of key Senate and House races. His Crystal Ball weekly online political newsletter has had a 99…

  • Washington Journal Final Predictive Analysis of Campaign 2014
    Last Aired

    Open Phones

    Phone lines were open for viewer comments on the 2014 midterm elections. Campaign reporters, an editor, and a political analyst were interviewed by phone and Skype about 2014's biggest races, and…

  • Washington Journal 2014 Midterm Elections
    Last Aired

    Larry Sabato on Campaign 2014

    Larry Sabato gave a preview of the November 2014 midterm elections, including voter attitudes and which races to watch. He also talked about the political news of the day including elections in Hawaii and…

  • Discussion on 2014 Midterm Elections
    Last Aired

    2014 and 2016 Elections

    Politico hosted a discussion with journalists and pollsters on the 2014 midterm elections and the implications for the 2016 presidential election campaign. In the first panel political…

  • Washington Journal Political Ads
    Last Aired

    Political Ads

    Larry Sabato talked about his Politico Magazine article, "Help! I’m Drowning in TV Ads!", on the more than $2.6 billion estimated to be spent on political television ads in 2014 and the various…

  • Virginia and the 2012 Election
    Last Aired

    Virginia and the 2012 Election

    Larry Sabato talked about Virginia’s role as a “swing” state in the 2012 presidential election, and he responded to telephone calls and electronic communications. Topics included the state’s unemployment rate, voters, voting systems, and the…

  • emPendulum Swingem
    Last Aired

    Pendulum Swing

    Professor Larry Sabato talked about his book, Pendulum Swing, about the 2010 mid-term elections and the regaining of power in the House of Representatives by the Republican Party. He also…

  • 2010 Midterm Elections
    Last Aired

    2010 Midterm Elections

    Larry Sabato talked about his view of the political environment heading into the 2010 midterm elections and how issues like the economy and health care might impact each political party.

  • Campaign 2008 Assessment
    Last Aired

    Campaign 2008 Assessment

    Senator-Elect Mark Warner talked about the 2008 campaigns. Topics included his thoughts on why traditionally Republican-leaving states voted for the Democratic presidential candidate. He…

  • Campaign 2008 Assessment
    Last Aired

    Campaign 2008 Assessment

    Larry Sabato moderated a panel discussion of political reporters, U.S. House members, and a former secretary of state on the 2008 elections. Topics included a shorter transition between presidential…

  • Midterm Election Analysis
    Last Aired

    Midterm Election Analysis

    Following opening remarks by Professor Sabato, James Carville, a Democratic political strategist and commentator, spoke about the results of the 2006 midterm elections, campaign politics,…

  • 2006 Midterm Elections
    Last Aired

    2006 Midterm Elections

    Larry Sabato spoke about the 2006 midterm elections for House and Senate seats. The International Youth Democracy Summit, in partnership with the federal Jamestown 400th Commemoration Commission and…

  • 2006 Midterm Elections  Journalists
    Last Aired

    2006 Midterm Elections: Journalists

    Professor Sabato moderated a panel discussion titled “The Declining Bush Mandate” at the 8th Annual American Democracy Conference. Journalists examined the impact of the 2005 election…

  • Virginia Gubernatorial Debate
    Last Aired

    Virginia Gubernatorial Debate

    Virginia gubernatorial candidates Lieutenant Governor Kaine and former Attorney General Kilgore participated in a debate moderated by Mr. Sabato. They responded to questions submitted by…

  • Polarization of America and the 2004 Election
    Last Aired

    Polarization of America and the 2004 Election

    A panel examined the “red state-blue state” phenomenon and the partisan polarization of America after the 2004 election. Among the issues they addressed were campaign strategies, predictions and…

  • Election 2000 Discussion
    Last Aired

    Election 2000 Discussion

    Participants talked about Mr. Sabato’s new book Overtime! The Election 2000 Thriller and the events surrounding the election. Among the topics they addressed were campaign approaches,…

  • Campaign Polling
    Last Aired

    Campaign Polling

    Participants talked about the current political climate for the 2000 elections. They focused on polling data and what issues are important for the campaign. They also talked about the…

  • New Hampshire November and Beyond
    Last Aired

    New Hampshire, November and Beyond

    Reporters and pundits offered their views and predictions on the upcoming New Hampshire primary election and 2004 presidential campaign. Panelists included Carl Cameron of Fox News, Susan…

  • American Democracy Conference
    Last Aired

    American Democracy Conference

    Governor-elect Warner discussed his election campaign strategy this past year and how it could affect the Democratic Party in the upcoming mid-term elections; and outlined his agenda as…

  • Predicting the 2000 Election
    Last Aired

    Predicting the 2000 Election

    Participants spoke about polling data during the presidential campaign. Among the issues they addressed were the accuracy of polling data, the manner in which the media uses and portrayed…

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