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  • Paris Peace Accord 25th Anniversary Part 1
    Last Aired

    Paris Peace Accord 25th Anniversary, Part 1

    In a session titled, “The Paris Agreement: History’s Judgment,” moderated by former Secretary Haig, the panelists discussed the history of the Vietnam War and events leading up to the peace…

  • Paris Peace Accord 25th Anniversary Part 2
    Last Aired

    Paris Peace Accord 25th Anniversary, Part 2

    In a session titled, “Vietnam - Legacy and Lessons,” moderated by Mr. Gelb, the panelists discussed the impact of the Paris Accord on today’s U.S. foreign policy. General Boyd was a…

  • World Economic Situation
    Last Aired

    World Economic Situation

    International economy experts testified about the growing financial crises in Russia, Asia and Latin. They discussed the effects of these economic problems on the U.S., Western Europe and…

  • Russian Political Changes
    Last Aired

    Russian Political Changes

    Panelists discussed the possible repercussions of Boris Yeltsin’s firing of the Chernomyrdin government. They examined whether this is a sign of a renewed reform effort in Russia or whether it is…

  • Russian Prime Minister Election
    Last Aired

    Russian Prime Minister Election

    Mr. Simes talked about the political climate in Russia surrounding the premier elections. He also took audience calls, faxes and electronic mail.

  • Briefing on USSoviet Summit
    Last Aired

    Briefing on U.S.-Soviet Summit

    Mr. Keith, Mr. Ellsworth, Mr. Sanders, and Mr. Simes discussed President Clinton’s upcoming trip to Russia. They also focused on current political and economic conditions in Russia.