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  • Tribute to Jack Nelson
    Last Aired

    Tribute to Jack Nelson

    C-SPAN paid tribute to journalist Jack Nelson, former Lost Angeles Times Washington bureau chief. A clip of remarks he made on the role of the media was shown.

  • The Future of Election Reform
    Last Aired

    The Future of Election Reform

    Professor Pastor, executive director of the the Carter-Baker Commission on Federal Election Reform, talked about the state of election reform. Following his remarks, panelists addressed the status of…

  • Covering the South
    Last Aired

    Covering the South

    The panel consisted of journalists who had covered the Civil Rights Movement. They focused on the aftermath of the Civil Rights Movement from 1968 to 1987. The people that they talked about…

  • Covering the South
    Last Aired

    Covering the South

    Panel 1 - “Birth of the Movement: World War II through the 1950s”

  • Discussion on Watergate with House Judiciary Committee Members
    Last Aired

    Nixon Resignation Special: Watergate Impact

    The panel includes legislators who were members of the House Judiciary Committee that, in 1974, passed three articles of impeachment against President Nixon charging him with obstruction of…

  • What If Watergate Happened Today
    Last Aired

    What If Watergate Happened Today?

    Alicia Shepard talked about her book Woodward and Bernstein: Life in the Shadow of Watergate, published by Wiley. She talked about what happened to two of America’s most famous journalists, Bob…

  • Personal Recollections of the Civil Rights Movement
    Last Aired

    Personal Recollections of the Civil Rights Movement

    Veteran journalists spoke about their personal experiences as reporters and activists during the civil rights movements, and particularly the reception to the movement in the South.…

  • Reporting on the Civil Rights Movement
    Last Aired

    Reporting on the Civil Rights Movement

    Mr. Milewski moderated a panel discussion on reporting on Martin Luther King, Jr. and the civil rights movement. The panelists answered questions from students in the audience.

  • emTerror in the Nightem
    Last Aired

    Terror in the Night

    Mr. Nelson discussed his book Terror in the Night: The Klan’s Campaign Against the Jews published by Simon and Schuster, which details the Ku Klux Klan’s campaign of intimidation against the American…

  • Open Phones
    Last Aired

    Open Phones

    Telephone lines were open for viewer comments. Jack Nelson talked by telephone about the revelation the previous day of the identity of “Deep Throat,” an anonymous source for the Watergate news…

  • Anonymous Sourcing and Government Secrecy
    Last Aired

    Anonymous Sourcing and Government Secrecy

    Journalists talked about the state of news reporting and professional standards in journalism. They focused on granting anonymity to sources, media leaks by politicians and others, the…

  • Watergate Hearings
    Last Aired

    Watergate Hearings

    The guest talked about the Watergate hearings. Watergate-era pictures and video clips were shown. Mr. Nelson, the former Washington bureau chief for the Los Angeles Times, reported on the…

  • Secrecy in the US Government
    Last Aired

    Secrecy in the U.S. Government

    Mr. Nelson talked about secrecy in the U.S. government, including information leaks, classified information, and the use of trial balloons by government officials. He responded to audience…

  • Annual Fourth Estate Award
    Last Aired

    Annual Fourth Estate Award

    As part of a black-tie dinner, John Aubuchon presented the National Press Club’s Fourth Estate Award to Brian Lamb, the CEO of C-SPAN television networks. The award is for lifetime…

  • Human Rights in Cuba and South Africa
    Last Aired

    Human Rights in Cuba and South Africa

    The former president and his grandson spoke about human rights in Cuba and South Africa. After they made remarks, they both took part in a panel discussion with the other participants. Former…

  • News Review
    Last Aired

    News Review

    Mr. Nelson talked about headline news stories about the Supreme Court hearing pertaining to the recount in Florida. He also responded to audience phone calls, faxes, and electronic mail.

  • Presidential Politics
    Last Aired

    Presidential Politics

    Mr. Nelson talked about the Republican National Convention and looked ahead to the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles.

  • Robert F Kennedy Book and Journalism Awards
    Last Aired

    Robert F. Kennedy Book and Journalism Awards

    Ms. Hargrove accepted the 19th annual Robert F. Kennedy Print award and Mr. Christianson accepted an award for his book With Liberty for Some. Representative Lewis accepted an award for his…

  • Coverage of the News
    Last Aired

    Coverage of the News

    The editorial staff of the Los Angeles Times talked about recent news and events, and how they were reported in local news media.

  • Covering Washington Scandal Sealed Documents
    Last Aired

    Covering Washington Scandal: Sealed Documents

    Media officials and lawyers discuss aspects of the media coverage of the Washington scandal. They described their efforts to gain access to sealed documents concerning the investigation and…

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