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  • Brookings Forum Previews State of the Union Address
    Last Aired

    State of the Union Address Preview

    The Brookings Institution hosted a discussion previewing the history of and what President Trump may focus on in the State of the Union address. The panel of analysts also spoke about the…

  • Brookings Forum Examines State of American Democracy Under Trump Presidency
    Last Aired

    Trump Presidency and American Democracy

    Academic and political scholars talked about President Trump’s first year in office and the state of American democracy. Topics included political polarization in the U.S. and the rise of…

  • EJ Dionne Discusses emWhy the Right Went Wrongem
    Last Aired

    Why the Right Went Wrong

    E.J. Dionne spoke about his book, Why the Right Went Wrong: Conservatism - From Goldwater to the Tea Party and Beyond. He spoke with David Mark, co-author of Dog Whistles, Walk Backs, and…

  • After Words with EJ Dionne
    Last Aired

    After Words with E.J. Dionne

    E.J. Dionne talked about his book Why the Right Went Wrong: Conservatism From Goldwater to the Tea Party and Beyond, in which he looks at the history of Republican politics since the 1960s and how the…

  • emAn Act of Congressem
    Last Aired

    An Act of Congress

    Robert Kaiser talked about his book, Act of Congress: How America’s Essential Institution Works, and How It Doesn’t, in which he recounts the struggle to pass the Dodd-Frank Wall Street…

  • emGods Right Handem
    Last Aired

    God's Right Hand

    Michael Sean Winters recounts the life of the Reverend Jerry Falwell (1933-2007). The child of agnostic parents, Jerry Falwell began his career as a Baptist pastor and later founded a…

  • President Obamas Second Term Agenda
    Last Aired

    President Obama's Second Term Agenda

    Political analysts talked about how President Obama’s second time might shape his legacy. They discussed some of the major issues of his first term, including the health care law and the…

  • emIts Even Worse Than It Looksem
    Last Aired

    It's Even Worse Than It Looks

    In their new book, congressional scholars Thomas Mann and Norman Ornstein examine partisan politics in the U.S. government. The authors contend that the level of “hyperpartisanship” has resulted in a…

  • emOur Divided Political Heartem
    Last Aired

    Our Divided Political Heart

    E.J. Dionne Jr. argues that “hyper-individualism” is hurting American political society. The author contends that the country can prosper with a balance between individual freedoms and…

  • emOur Divided Political Heartem
    Last Aired

    Our Divided Political Heart

    E.J. Dionne talked about his new book, Our Divided Political Heart: The Battle for the American Idea in an Age of Discontent, and he responded to telephone calls and electronic communications.…

  • Influences in American Politics
    Last Aired

    Influences in American Politics

    Three authors debated what ethos predominates in America. Robert Kuttner argued that it is the power of wealth. Robert George argued that it is America’s traditional moral commitments. Susan Jacoby argued that it…

  • emNeoconservatismem
    Last Aired


    A panel discussion between Bill Kristol, Strobe Talbott, E.J. Dionne, Francis Fukuyama and author Justin Vaisse, discussing the evolution of “neoconservatism,” from New York intellectuals…

  • emToxic Talkem  Book Party
    Last Aired

    Toxic Talk Book Party

    A book party was held for Toxic Talk: How the Radical Right Has Poisoned America’s Airwaves (Thomas Dunne Books, 2010) by Bill Press. Bill Press was shown mingling with the guests at the…

  • Life of Senator Edward Kennedy
    Last Aired

    Life of Senator Edward Kennedy

    A panel of guests hosted by Mike Barnicle talked about the life of the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy and his book True Compass: The Life of Senator Edward M. Kennedy. Guests reflected on…

  • News Review with EJ Dionne
    Last Aired

    News Review with E.J. Dionne

    E.J. Dionne talked about news of the day, including New Jersey, Virginia, and New York gubernatorial races; the future for the Democratic and Republican parties; the Obama administration’s…

  • Immigration and Conservative Political Strategy
    Last Aired

    Immigration and Conservative Political Strategy

    Panelists talked about the use of immigration as a political wedge issue, using a paper by Ruy Teixeira, “The Coming End of the Culture Wars,” as the starting point. In his remarks Mr.…

  • Obama Presidential Transition
    Last Aired

    Obama Presidential Transition

    Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne discussed the Obama presidential transition with students. Topics included media relations differences between the Bush and Obama Administration,…

  • emWhy Americans Hate Politicsem
    Last Aired

    Why Americans Hate Politics

    Mr. Dionne was raised in Fall River, Mass. and attended Harvard University. He did his doctorate study at Oxford as a Rhodes scholar. He worked for The New York Times, and later, for The…

  • Life and Work of Daniel Patrick Moynihan
    Last Aired

    Life and Work of Daniel Patrick Moynihan

    Panelists examined Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s prolific career as a senator, ambassador, scholar and author. Moynihan served as a Democratic senator from New York from 1977-2001. He died in…

  • emStand Up and Fight Backem
    Last Aired

    Stand Up and Fight Back

    Mr. Dionne talked about the news of the day, and about his book Stand Up and Fight Back: Republican Toughs, Democratic Wimps, and the Politics of Revenge, published by Simon and Schuster.…

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