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  • US Labor Issues
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    U.S. Labor Issues

    Mr. Sweeney spoke about his agenda for the AFL-CIO and for U.S. workers in general. He examined how the employers and employees can create a new social contract which would allow both sides…

  • US Auto Industry
    Last Aired

    U.S. Auto Industry

    Former Vice President Johnson discussed the state of the automotive industry and the need to reduce the number of cars in our towns and cities. He stated that cars waste energy, pollute,…

  • United Mine Workers Issues
    Last Aired

    United Mine Workers Issues

    Mr. Trumka spoke to a luncheon audience on the United Mine Workers' perspective on labor and business issues. He discussed the situation of the average coal miner in the U.S., and went on…

  • Future of Hong Kong
    Last Aired

    Future of Hong Kong

    Governor Patten spoke to a luncheon audience on the current state of economic and political state of Hong Kong in 1993, and the expectations for the region as it nears 1997, when Hong Kong…

  • Airline Deregulation and Price Wars
    Last Aired

    Airline Deregulation and Price Wars

    Mr. Crandall spoke about the current state of the airline industry. He discussed increased competition among air carriers and whether the current fare wars indicate a prolonged competitive…

  • US Economy and Competitiveness
    Last Aired

    U.S. Economy and Competitiveness

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology Economist Lester Thurow addressed a luncheon of the National Press Club on the coming revolution in the capitalist world. Citing the changes in…

  • The US Economy
    Last Aired

    The U.S. Economy

    Secretary Brady addressed guests and reporters concerning the U.S. economy. Topics included the U.S. economy compared to that of other leading nations, the importance of increasing…

  • Efforts of the Constitutional Commission
    Last Aired

    Efforts of the Constitutional Commission

    Retired Chief Justice Burger addressed the National Press Club on the Bill of Rights, the constitutional separation of powers, the nomination of Justice Clarence Thomas, and the work of the…

  • President of Iceland
    Last Aired

    President of Iceland

    President Finnbogadottir of Iceland addressed a luncheon of the National Press Club on matters relating to her native country, Iceland. She discussed U.S.-Iceland history and relations,…

  • George McGoverns Views
    Last Aired

    George McGovern's Views

    George McGovern talked about the current state of American politics and the Democratic Party. In doing so, he announced he would not seek the 1992 Democratic presidential nomination, due to…

  • Amtrak at Twenty
    Last Aired

    Amtrak at Twenty

    Graham Claytor, president of the National Railroad Passenger Corporation and head of Amtrak, spoke to a National Press Club luncheon on the twentieth anniversary of Amtrak, the national passenger rail…

  • American Economic Policy
    Last Aired

    American Economic Policy

    Former Senator Tsongas spoke to the National Press Club on his unannounced candidacy for the presidency in 1992. Sen. Tsongas, who is expected to officially announce his candidacy for the 1992 Democratic…

  • The Struggle Against Apartheid
    Last Aired

    The Struggle Against Apartheid

    The speaker is an anti-apartheid activist who served jail terms in South Africa during the 1970s and 1980s. He discussed the changing situation in South Africa with the release of Nelson…