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  • 100th Anniversary of the Sinking of the Lusitania
    Last Aired

    Centennial of Lusitania Sinking

    Panelists examined the wartime role of the sinking of the Lusitania, the worldwide reaction to the tragedy, and its impact on American public opinion about the war. On May 7, 1915, the RMS…

  • Discussion on Presidential DecisionMaking After Vietnam
    Last Aired

    Presidential Decision-Making After Vietnam

    Marvin Kalb talked about the impact of the Vietnam War on presidential decision-making. He spoke about military conflicts as well as declared wars, including the wars in Iraq and…

  • Saturday Night Massacre 40th Anniversary
    Last Aired

    Saturday Night Massacre 40th Anniversary

    William Ruckelshaus, Bob Woodward, Jill Wine-Banks and others spoke at an event commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Saturday Night Massacre, when President Nixon fired Watergate Special Prosecutor Archibald…

  • Future of Journalism
    Last Aired

    Future of Journalism

    Neil Budde, who has 30 years of experience working for newspapers and online publishers, talked about the future of journalism. He talked about how news has changed in the past 20 years…

  • National Press Club at 100
    Last Aired

    National Press Club at 100

    Veteran Washington journalists told stories and reflected on the National Press Club’s colorful history on the occasion of its 100th anniversary. The NPC was founded by 32 reporters who wanted a…

  • Violence in America
    Last Aired

    Violence in America

    At the National Press Club in Washington, Senator Bill Bradley talked about his ideas to combat violence in America. Senator Bradley is currently serving his third term in the Senate. He is…

  • World War II Cartoonist Perspective
    Last Aired

    World War II Cartoonist Perspective

    Mr. Maudlin spoke about his tenure as a World War II cartoonist working for Stars and Stripes.

  • Our Common Future
    Last Aired

    Our Common Future

    Mr. Turner described the evils of business competition that sometimes limit progress, especially Time-Warner’s blocking of his attempt to acquire another network. He responded to questions…

  • Garrison Keillor Addresses National Press Club 1994
    Last Aired

    Washington Political Humor

    Mr. Keillor spoke about his work as a radio humorist on A Prairie Home Companion on National Public Radio. He also discussed his books on the satirical side of Washington, D.C.

  • Television News Career
    Last Aired

    Television News Career

    Mr. Osgood related events of his career as a news broadcaster and journalist. He is the host of the CBS News program “Sunday Morning” and also hosts a commentary program on CBS Radio.

  • Catholic Perspective
    Last Aired

    Catholic Perspective

    Cardinal Bernardin spoke about the need to encourage religion in society. He also spoke about how the Catholic Church has relaxed restrictions on birth control and on women in priesthood.

  • Playwright Perspective
    Last Aired

    Playwright Perspective

    In his remarks entitled “Life: a Topic of Growing Interest,” Mr. Simon spoke about many current news topics, including the midterm elections, the baseball strike and Washington politics.…

  • Ukraines Struggle for Independence
    Last Aired

    Ukraine's Struggle for Independence

    Mr. Kuchma spoke about U.S.-Ukrainian relations, and Ukrainian efforts to establish a stable political and economic base for Ukrainian independence. He mentioned such problems as forming…

  • USFinland Relations
    Last Aired

    U.S.-Finland Relations

    President Ahtisarri spoke about events in his country, including a recent referendum on entrance into the European Economic Union and Finland’s place in the future of Europe. He also talked…

  • Kuralt Fourth Estate Award
    Last Aired

    Kuralt Fourth Estate Award

    The participants paid tribute to Charles Kuralt, the winner of the Fourth Estate Award. Mr. Kuralt is a retired CBS correspondent.

  • White House Perspective
    Last Aired

    White House Perspective

    Chief of Staff Panetta discussed his role in the White House and in the Clinton administration. He also commented on U.S. citizens' mistrust of politicians and on administration deficit…

  • Emerging Faith Factor in American Politics
    Last Aired

    Emerging Faith Factor in American Politics

    Mr. Reed spoke about religion and politics, and particurlarly his views on the role grassroots activists are playing in the midterm elections. After his prepared remarks, he took questions…

  • Arts Endowment Issues
    Last Aired

    Arts Endowment Issues

    On her first anniversary as chairperson of the National Endowment for the Arts, Ms. Alexander talked about her position and the struggle in the United States over the definition of art and…

  • Midterm Elections
    Last Aired

    Midterm Elections

    Senators Graham and Gramm are chairmen of the Democratic and Republican senatorial campaign committees, respectively. They discussed the midterm elections of 1994. After their remarks, they…

  • Connecting Families with Public Education
    Last Aired

    Connecting Families with Public Education

    Secretary Riley spoke about the importance of family and community involvement in local public schools to ensure that children receive a proper education. After his remarks, he took…

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