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  • Sarah Brady February 6 1942  April 3 2015
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    Brady Bill Signing Ceremony

    President Clinton, joined by Jim and Sarah Brady and a number of congressional leaders, signed the long-debated Brady Bill. The Brady Bill creates a five-day waiting period for a background check on…

  • White House Briefing Room Name
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    White House Briefing Room Name

    President Clinton announced the naming of the White House briefing room for former Press Secretary James Brady. He paid tribute to the career of Mr. Brady and his service as White House…

  • Gun Control Bill Anniversary
    Last Aired

    Gun Control Bill Anniversary

    President Clinton discussed the success of the Brady Bill gun control legislation and the Crime Bill. He was joined by Jim Brady and police officers.

  • Medal of Freedom Award Presentation
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    Medal of Freedom Award Presentation

    President Bill Clinton presented the Presidential Medal of Freedom Award to eleven persons. Mark Udall accepted the medal for his father, former Senator Udall (D-AZ). The Medal is the…

  • Crime Legislation
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    Crime Legislation

    President Clinton spoke about crime legislation during a campaign trip to Chicago designed to help the faltering re-election campaign of Representative Rostenkowski. During the event, the…

  • Brady Handgun Control Bill
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    Brady Handgun Control Bill

    President Clinton and Vice President Gore met with James and Sarah Brady and reporters following the passage of the Brady Handgun Control Bill. The president thanked the Bradys for their…

  • Brady Handgun Control Bill
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    Brady Handgun Control Bill

    During a photo opportunity at the White House, President Clinton spoke about the importance of the Brady Bill restricting the sale of handguns. Only the president made substantive remarks.