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  • Challenges for the Federal Judiciary
    Last Aired

    Challenges for the Federal Judiciary

    This panel of respected legal minds, which was moderated by Dean Sullivan, discussed the question of technology and its appropriate use in court rooms. Widespread disagreement emerged on…

  • Supreme Court Term Preview
    Last Aired

    Supreme Court Term Preview

    Mr. Roberts and Mr. Olson talked about the upcoming term of the Supreme Court. They focused on the decline in the courts caseload. They also talked about cases regarding rights of police…

  • Impeachment Inquiry
    Last Aired

    Impeachment Inquiry

    Mr. Olson discussed headline news and the impeachment hearings being held today. He is a long time associate of Independent Counsel Ken Starr. He responded to audience telephone calls,…

  • Covering Washington Scandal Sealed Documents
    Last Aired

    Covering Washington Scandal: Sealed Documents

    Media officials and lawyers discuss aspects of the media coverage of the Washington scandal. They described their efforts to gain access to sealed documents concerning the investigation and…

  • Judicial Issues at the Turn of the Century
    Last Aired

    Judicial Issues at the Turn of the Century

    Panelists talked about issues that are impacting the United States judicial system. The panelists focused in particular on the concept of judicial independence during their individual…

  • Judicial Nomination Process
    Last Aired

    Judicial Nomination Process

    Senator Hatch, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, spoke about the judicial nomination and confirmation process. He stressed that he would not allow President Clinton to appoint…

  • emAmerican Spectatorem 30th Anniversary
    Last Aired

    American Spectator 30th Anniversary

    American Spectator magazine celebrated its 30th anniversary with an awards banquet. Awards were given to Judge Bork and Mr. Limbaugh. Dr. Stein acted as master of ceremonies.

  • Supreme Court Term Preview
    Last Aired

    Supreme Court Term Preview

    The upcoming term of the Supreme Court was previewed by Mr. Olson and former acting Solicitor General Dellinger. They talked about cases that will be decided in this term, which starts…

  • Role of the Independent Counsel
    Last Aired

    Role of the Independent Counsel

    Former independent counsels and former Justice Department officials discussed investigations under the Independent Counsel Law. The law took investigatory powers and the power to indict…

  • Supreme Court Term Preview
    Last Aired

    Supreme Court Term Preview

    Two former government attorneys previewed several cases on the Supreme Court’s docket for the 1996-97 term, which starts on October 7. They focused particularly on those cases which they…

  • Independent Counsel Statute
    Last Aired

    Independent Counsel Statute

    Committee members heard testimony from members of Congress, former independent counsels and others on the reauthorization and amendment of the statute first passed by Congress in 1978 to…

  • Virginia Military Institute
    Last Aired

    Virginia Military Institute

    Students, attorneys and others discussed the issues surrounding single sex education, specifically at the Virginia Military Institute. Last year, V.M.I. established the Virgina Women’s Institute…

  • Washington Wednesday Journal
    Last Aired

    Washington Wednesday Journal

    Current news events and political issues were examined through reviews of the morning newspapers; interviews with journalists, newsmakers and legislators; and viewer telephone calls, faxes and…

  • Trial of Hamlet
    Last Aired

    Trial of Hamlet

    In a mock trial, the title character of Shakespeare’s Hamlet was tried for the murder of the king’s attendant, Polonius. The purpose of the trial was to determine the mental state of the prince at the…

  • Urban Poor Victims or Beneficiaries
    Last Aired

    Urban Poor: Victims or Beneficiaries?

    Justice Clarence Thomas delivered the luncheon address to a meeting of the Federalist Society. Justice Thomas, who was nominated to the high court by President Bush in 1991, talked about issues…

  • Conservative Supreme Court Forum
    Last Aired

    Conservative Supreme Court Forum

    Participants discussed the recent Supreme Court decisions and the effect they have had on separation-of-powers issues. They analyzed the movement in the Court to allow lower courts more…

  • Supreme Court Term Preview
    Last Aired

    Supreme Court Term Preview

    The National Legal Center for the Public Interest held a forum to preview the 1992-93 docket of the Supreme Court. The briefing was scheduled for the media in an effort to provide…

  • Republican Platform Hearing Legal Reform
    Last Aired

    Republican Platform Hearing: Legal Reform

    The Republican National Platform Committee continued to hear testimony from members of special interest groups and scholars during its daylong hearing on issues being considered for inclusion in the…