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  • emLibertarianism A Primerem
    Last Aired

    Libertarianism: A Primer

    Mr. Boaz talked about his new book, Libertarianism: A Primer, published by the Free Press. The book contains the history of libertarianism, as well as its central tenets and its positions…

  • Material Welfare and Standard of Living
    Last Aired

    Material Welfare and Standard of Living

    Mr. Simon talked about his book, The Ultimate Resource 2. In it he cites many scientific studies which are counter to popular wisdom; for example, that the environment is cleaner, that…

  • emPuzzles and Paradoxes in Economicsem
    Last Aired

    Puzzles and Paradoxes in Economics

    Mr. Skousen talked about the book he co-wrote with Kenneth Taylor, Puzzles and Paradoxes in Economics. He talked about puzzling aspects of economics on both micro and macro economic levels,…

  • emPBS Behind the Screenem
    Last Aired

    PBS: Behind the Screen

    Mr. Jarvik spoke about the findings in his new book, PBS: Behind the Screen. It focuses on how PBS is funded, whether it is profitable and whether it has a political agenda evident in its…

  • National Debt
    Last Aired

    National Debt

    Mr. Gordon talked about his book, Hamilton’s Blessing: The Extraordinary Life and Times of Our National Debt. He stressed that the national debt has been an asset to the economic…

  • Employment Laws Impact on Productivity
    Last Aired

    Employment Laws Impact on Productivity

    Mr. Olson summarized the main arguments in his book, The Excuse Factory. He stressed that anti-discrimination laws protect many unsatisfactory employees at the expense of productivity and…

  • Newspaper Roundtable
    Last Aired

    Newspaper Roundtable

    In the newspaper roundtable, Mr. Boaz and Mr. Cook talked about current news stories of interest to them and took audience calls, faxes and electronic mail. Ms. Kiely served as guest host…