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  • Ted Cruz Campaign Rally in Waukesha Wisconsin
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    Senator Ted Cruz Campaign Rally in Waukesha, Wisconsin

    Republican presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) spoke to supporters at a campaign rally in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Carly Fiorina and Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) gave introductory…

  • Charlie Sykes on Wisconsin Republican Primary
    Last Aired

    Charlie Sykes on Wisconsin Republican Primary

    Charlie Sykes spoke by phone from Milwaukee about Donald Trump, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), and the April 5, 2016, Wisconsin Republican presidential primary.

  • Governor Scott Walker Endorses Ted Cruz
    Last Aired

    Governor Scott Walker Presidential Endorsement

    Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) announced his endorsement of Senator Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) 2016 presidential campaign during a telephone interview with Charlie Sykes on Milwaukee radio station WTMJ. Courtesy…

  • emA Nation of Moochersem
    Last Aired

    A Nation of Moochers

    Charles Sykes argues that an increasing number of Americans think they are entitled to benefit off of the hard work of others. He says that the Occupy Movement, which started as a…

  • The Charlie Sykes Show
    Last Aired

    The Charlie Sykes Show

    Mr. Sykes hosted a radio talk show and discussed the upcoming presidential election, state-level campaigns in Wisconsin, and other political issues. Live shots of the broadcast booth were…