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  • World War II Veterans as Journalists
    Last Aired

    World War II Veterans as Journalists

    Mr. Wallace and Mr. Neuharth spoke about their experiences in World War II and how it affected their lives and careers as journalists. They also talked about the role of journalists in war,…

  • emInvisible Giantsem
    Last Aired

    Invisible Giants

    Four contributors to Invisible Giants: Fifty Americans Who Shaped the Nation But Missed the History Books, edited by Mark Carnes and published by Oxford University Press, sat down to discuss…

  • Free Expression and Global Media
    Last Aired

    Free Expression and Global Media

    Mr. Rushdie spoke about free expression and freedom of the press. He discussed the problems he has encountered as a result of publishing his book, The Satanic Verses and announced that it…

  • President Roosevelt Memorial Dedication
    Last Aired

    President Roosevelt Memorial Dedication

    With Mike Wallace acting as master of ceremonies, President Clinton and others addressed the crowd of Washington dignitaries and Roosevelt family members gathered for the dedication of the new President Franklin…

  • News and Documentary Emmy Awards
    Last Aired

    News and Documentary Emmy Awards

    The 26th Annual News and Documentary Emmy Awards were presented by the National Television Academy at a black-tie ceremony at the Marriott Marquis hotel in New York City. Newsmakers and…

  • Saturday Book and Author Breakfast
    Last Aired

    Saturday Book and Author Breakfast

    Moderated by Ms. Rhodes, authors talked about their books and about writing during the Saturday Morning Book and Author Breakfast. Theroux wrote the travel book, Blinding Light. Goldberg wrote…

  • Broadcast News
    Last Aired

    Broadcast News

    Mr. Wallace was interviewed about his career in journalism and the history of broadcast news. He talked about his experiences and interviews for “60 Minutes,” business aspects of…

  • Twentieth Anniversary of NPR Morning Edition
    Last Aired

    Twentieth Anniversary of NPR Morning Edition

    In a satellite college class about the 20th anniversary of NPR’s “Morning Edition” news program, Bob Edwards first showed his radio technique by interviewing Mike Wallace. Then audio clips were played…

  • Chinese President Interview Experience
    Last Aired

    Chinese President Interview Experience

    Mr. Wallace and Mr. Anderson talked about the interview they conducted with Chinese President Jiang Zemin. They also responded to calls, faxes, and electronic mail.

  • President Jiang Interview
    Last Aired

    President Jiang Interview

    A portion of a “60 Minutes” interview was followed by the full, unedited version of the interview. President Jiang spoke about a number of issues including human rights, trade relations,…

  • The Craft of the Journalistic Interview
    Last Aired

    The Craft of the Journalistic Interview

    Mr. Wallace and Mr. Terkel talked about their experiences as journalistic interviewers. They discussed past experiences of interviewing various people and spoke about what it takes to…

  • The New Challenges for Investigative Reporting
    Last Aired

    The New Challenges for Investigative Reporting

    The forum participants discussed trends and problems in the field of investigative journalism. Mr. Koppel questioned the other panelists on such issues as the influence of money, ethics,…

  • International Tribute Gala Dinner
    Last Aired

    International Tribute Gala Dinner

    Participants honored several women for their work on behalf of Middle East peace. They particularly honored several wives of past and present regional leaders for their efforts to promote…

  • Colombian Politics
    Last Aired

    Colombian Politics

    Mr. Anderson and Mr. Wallace talked about the 60 Minutes interview with Colombian President Pastrana. They focused on how they conducted the interview, and what they learned about Pastrana.…

  • President Pastrana Interview
    Last Aired

    President Pastrana Interview

    Mr. Wallace interviewed President Pastrana about U.S.-Colombia relations, the power of drug cartels, and waging the war on drugs. The first part of this program is the interview as shown on “60…

  • Conference on Mental Health Plenary Session
    Last Aired

    Conference on Mental Health: Plenary Session

    President Bill Clinton and other participants talked about the discrimination and lack of information on mental illness. Victims of mental illness shared their experiences with depression,…

  • Depression Issues
    Last Aired

    Depression Issues

    Panelists discussed their personal bouts with clinical depression. They noted problems with diagnosis and discussed the treatment and recovery process.

  • 30th Anniversary of 60 Minutes
    Last Aired

    30th Anniversary of "60 Minutes"

    A panel of its editors and correspondents discussed the history of “60 Minutes,” the CBS news magazine debuted in September 1968. Mr. Hewitt was a creator of the program. The panelists also…

  • emWestmoreland v CBSem Libel Case
    Last Aired

    Westmoreland v. CBS Libel Case

    The panelists discussed Westmoreland v. CBS in which General William Westmoreland charged that the producer of a 1982 CBS special, “The Uncounted Enemy: A Vietnam Deception,” manipulated…

  • News Director Awards
    Last Aired

    News Director Awards

    Broadcast journalists and editors gathered to honor several of their colleagues, Mike Wallace, Betty Dukert and Roone Arledge, with awards for their commitment to freedom of the press.…

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