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  • Personnel Announcement
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    Personnel Announcement

    President Clinton spoke about the accomplishments of Mr. Bowles and expressed his good wishes to him. He then welcomed Mr. Podesta who is now the new White House Chief of Staff. Mr. Bowles…

  • Budget Surplus
    Last Aired

    Budget Surplus

    President Clinton announced the first federal budget surplus in 29 years. Members of his economic team also spoke. The president expressed appreciation to cabinet members and Democratic…

  • Income and Poverty Statistics
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    Income and Poverty Statistics

    President Clinton spoke about the latest Census Bureau statistics on poverty. He stated that while incomes are increasing we still need to maintain the current economic policy in order to…

  • 1999 Budget Release
    Last Aired

    1999 Budget Release

    President Clinton officially unveiled the budget for fiscal year 1999. He announced that this budget would be the first balanced budget submitted in thirty years and that the deficit would…

  • Patient Bill of Rights
    Last Aired

    Patient Bill of Rights

    President Clinton, Vice President Gore and Democratic congressional leaders participated in a ceremony to announce a legislative initiative to create a bill of rights for health care…

  • Budget Agreement
    Last Aired

    Budget Agreement

    Joined by congressional Democrats who support the budget agreement, Vice President Gore, President Clinton and others talked about the importance of the budget agreement reached the…

  • Presidential News Conference
    Last Aired

    Presidential News Conference

    In his first news conference since winning election to a second term Tuesday, President Clinton announced the resignation of Leon Panetta and his appointment of Erskine Bowles as chief of staff.…

  • Health Care Reform and Small Business Leaders
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    Health Care Reform and Small Business Leaders

    The White House program is INCOMPLETE. The first portion is on this program from 4:43 to 5:00 p.m. ET, at which time it is interrupted for five minutes by the U.S. House of Representatives. See…

  • Midwest Flood Relief
    Last Aired

    Midwest Flood Relief

    At Fox Senior High School, the president, the vice-president, and members of the president’s cabinet discussed federal relief for the Midwest with the governors and members of Congress from…

  • Small Business Issues
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    Small Business Issues

    President Clinton spoke in a ceremony introducing his newly sworn-in head of the Small Business Administration. The president’s speech followed brief remarks by Mr. Bowles discussing the agenda…