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  • Panelists Discuss Trump Administration Postal Service Task Force
    Last Aired

    Trump Administration Postal Service Task Force

    The Lexington Institute held a forum on the Trump administration' s Postal Service Task Force. Panelists talked about ways the U.S. Postal Service could modernize its operations and…

  • Forum Examines the Impact of Trade Deficits
    Last Aired

    Trade Deficits

    Panelists talked about trade deficits and whether they are good or bad for the U.S. economy. Robert Shapiro, former under secretary of Economic Affairs at the Commerce Department during the…

  • Discussion on the Future of the US Postal Service
    Last Aired

    U.S. Postal Service

    Panelists talked about the future of the U.S. Postal Service. Topics included the current health of the institution and congressional efforts to modernize and improve its financial…

  • Income Over the Last Four Decades
    Last Aired

    Income Over the Last Four Decades

    Rob Shapiro outlined the results of his study on Americans' incomes. He found that earnings grew steadily from the 1970s until the the 2000s, when income progress for most people stopped. He attributed the…

  • 2012 Presidential Candidates Domestic Policy
    Last Aired

    2012 Presidential Candidates, Domestic Policy

    Panelists compared and contrasted President Obama and Mitt Romney’s domestic policy agendas. Topics included the economy, deficit reduction, the 2010 health care law, and Social Security…

  • Eurozone Crisis and the US Economy
    Last Aired

    Eurozone Crisis and the U.S. Economy

    Robert Shapiro talked about the impact of the Eurozone crisis on the U.S. economy, and he responded to telephone calls and electronic communications. Topics included trade and banks,…

  • Global Markets and Innovation
    Last Aired

    Global Markets and Innovation

    Panelists talked about international trade, global markets, and innovation. Among the issues they addressed were the impact of growing middle classes in various developing countries, market…

  • Federal Budget and the Economy
    Last Aired

    Federal Budget and the Economy

    Economists spoke about the national debt, deficit spending, and future fiscal policy. They generally agreed that President Obama’s budget was a missed opportunity in addressing the nation’s…

  • Obama Administration 2012 Budget Approach
    Last Aired

    Obama Administration 2012 Budget Approach

    Jason Furman talked about the Obama administration’s budget approach and its potential for long-term economic growth. He also responded to questions from the audience.

  • emFuturecastem
    Last Aired


    Former Undersecretary of Commerce Robert Shapiro talked about his book Futurecast: How Superpowers, Populations, and Globalization Will Change the Way You Live and Work (St. Martin’s Press, April 1,…

  • International Trade and American Jobs
    Last Aired

    International Trade and American Jobs

    A panel discussion was held on the impact of trade and technology on the U.S. job market. Rod Hunter moderated. Robert Shapiro talked about the impact of increased international competition…

  • emRational Exuberanceem
    Last Aired

    Rational Exuberance

    Mr. Mandel discussed his book, Rational Exuberance: Silencing the Enemies of Growth, published by HarperBusiness, which examines the notion that it is possible for economies to grow too…

  • Economic Policy
    Last Aired

    Economic Policy

    The panelists talked about the economic policies of the Democratic presidential candidates, and the role of economic policy in the selection of a nominee and the 2004 general election. They said…

  • Census Data
    Last Aired

    Census Data

    Officials released the first set of census numbers; the resident population and Congressional appointment totals for each state. They explained that the resulting reapportionment would add…

  • Technology and the Global Economy
    Last Aired

    Technology and the Global Economy

    Participants talked about how the presidential candidates might approach economic policy and how technology and trade policy could sustain economic growth. Among the issues they addressed…

  • Final Response Rates for Census 2000
    Last Aired

    Final Response Rates for Census 2000

    Officials briefed reporters about final response rates for the 2000 census. They said that the national average of 67 percent was greater than expected and had reversed a trend toward…

  • Preparing for the Year 2000 Census
    Last Aired

    Preparing for the Year 2000 Census

    The panelists discussed preparing for the Year 2000 Census. They talked about the importance of using modern statistical methods for the census. They described ways to improve the Year 2000…

  • Budget Agreement Evaluation
    Last Aired

    Budget Agreement Evaluation

    Mr. Fund moderated this discussion of the budget agreement between congressional Republicans and President Clinton. They examined what both sides received in the agreement and its…

  • Evaluation of Social Class in the US
    Last Aired

    Evaluation of Social Class in the U.S.

    Mr. Broder moderated this panel on the declining importance of class in the U.S. After the opening presentation by Ms. Sawhill and a response by Mr. Lipset, there was a general discussion among all the…

  • Estate Tax Policy
    Last Aired

    Estate Tax Policy

    Panelists discussed the impact of the federal estate taxes on economic growth, especially on small businesses, as well as other arguments for reform or repeal of the tax. After remarks by…

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