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  • President Trump Holds Missouri Rally with Rush Limbaugh Sean Hannity
    Last Aired

    President Trump Rally in Missouri

    On the eve of the 2018 Midterm Elections, President Donald Trump campaigned for Republican U.S. Senate candidate Josh Hawley in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. They were joined on stage by Sean…

  • Conservative Political Action Conference Afternoon Session
    Last Aired

    Conservative Political Action Conference, Afternoon Session

    Political leaders and conservative activists talked about the conservative moment and the Obama administration at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Among the topics addressed…

  • Rush Limbaugh Remarks to Conservatives
    Last Aired

    Rush Limbaugh Remarks to Conservatives

    Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh spoke to conservative activists about the future of the conservative movement and Republican Party. In his remarks he criticized the Obama administration’s…

  • Dishonors Award Ceremony
    Last Aired

    Dishonors Award Ceremony

    The Media Research Center’s 20th anniversary gala included a black-tie evening modeling the Academy Awards in order to roast the “most outrageously biased” liberal media and “award” the…

  • Public Image of US Terrorism Policy
    Last Aired

    Public Image of U.S. Terrorism Policy

    Secretary Chertoff addressed the audience about the reality of terrorism and the need for vigilance. He reflected on the popularity of the series “24,” saying that one of its most intriguing aspects is the very difficult choices presented to…

  • Statesmanship Award Dinner
    Last Aired

    Statesmanship Award Dinner

    Mr. Spanos gave opening remarks and presented Mr. Limbaugh with the Claremont Institute’s Statesmanship Award. Mr. Limbaugh delivered the keynote speech at the Institute’s annual Winston…

  • Talk Show Opening Monologue
    Last Aired

    Talk Show Opening Monologue

    Mr. Limbaugh returned to his radio program after attending a drug rehabilitation clinic for his addiction to prescription drugs. He talked about his experience and his addiction.

  • The Future of Talk Radio
    Last Aired

    The Future of Talk Radio

    Mr. Limbaugh talked about the future of talk radio and the current political climate. He also talked about how media talk show hosts approached their craft, noting that the most…

  • Lincoln Day Dinner
    Last Aired

    Lincoln Day Dinner

    Speaker Gingrich spoke at a dinner in honor of President Lincoln along with other conservative leaders. The dinner culminated a day long forum which focused on statesmanship and political…

  • Difference Between Conservatives and Liberals
    Last Aired

    Difference Between Conservatives and Liberals

    Mr. Limbaugh talked about his views on current issues and the differences between liberals and conservatives. He discussed campaign finance reform and the difference between what the public…

  • emAmerican Spectatorem 30th Anniversary
    Last Aired

    American Spectator 30th Anniversary

    American Spectator magazine celebrated its 30th anniversary with an awards banquet. Awards were given to Judge Bork and Mr. Limbaugh. Dr. Stein acted as master of ceremonies.

  • Republican Issues
    Last Aired

    Republican Issues

    Republicans gathered at an annual fall meeting of GOPAC, an organization which trains Republicans for campaigns and helps fund those campaigns. Rep. Parker spoke about why he recently…

  • Republican Freshmen Orientation
    Last Aired

    Republican Freshmen Orientation

    The Republican freshmen women presented Mr. Limbaugh with a plaque. He praised the Republican freshmen for their efforts in winning the elections. He also discussed the congressional…

  • CSPAN Midterm Elections Special
    Last Aired

    C-SPAN Midterm Elections Special

    Guests discussed the results of yesterday’s midterm elections and took questions from viewers. Topics included the impact of Republican majorities in the House and Senate on the Clinton…

  • Rush Limbaugh Radio Talk Show
    Last Aired

    Rush Limbaugh Radio Talk Show

    Mr. Limbaugh discussed various aspects of politics in Washington with listeners and callers. Topics included the Balanced Budget Constitutional Amendment. He also described his program for the C-SPAN…

  • Rush Limbaugh Show Simulcast
    Last Aired

    Rush Limbaugh Show Simulcast

    Cameras recorded Mr. Limbaugh as he responded to telephone callers' comments in the WABC-AM radio studio in New York. A self-professed conservative, Mr. Limbaugh discussed the 1992…

  • News Review
    Last Aired

    News Review

    The guests discussed the Democratic National Convention which ended last night, as well as the withdrawal of Ross Perot from the presidential race.

  • Quayle Campaign Appearance
    Last Aired

    Quayle Campaign Appearance

    Vice President Dan Quayle reviewed the issues being forwarded by the Bush-Quayle campaign for the 1992 election in an appearance on Rush Limbaugh’s radio program. Vice President Quayle…

  • Conservative Political Victory Fund Dinner
    Last Aired

    Conservative Political Victory Fund Dinner

    The dinner was held to raise money for the Conservative Political Victory Fund which helps get conservatives elected. Former President Ronald Reagan appeared on a videotape which was shown…

  • Paul Weyrich Roast
    Last Aired

    Paul Weyrich Roast

    This event was to roast Paul Weyrich, President of the Free Congress Foundation. The event celebrates his 25 years of working in the Conservative Movement. The monies raised at the event will…

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