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  • National Security and President John F Kennedy Part 3
    Last Aired

    National Security and President John. F. Kennedy, Part 3

    Oliver Stone joined two authors to examine President John F. Kennedy’s assassination and what the panelists called the “national-security state.” They also discussed America’s involvement…

  • Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy Theories Oliver Stone
    Last Aired

    Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy Theories, Oliver Stone

    Film director Oliver Stone talked about his documentary series, Oliver Stone’s Untold History of the United States. Mr. Stone took questions from the audience about the series and accompanying book, as well as on his…

  • After Words with Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick
    Last Aired

    After Words with Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick

    Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick talked about their book, The Untold History of the United States, in which they argue that U.S. leaders must first honestly face what they called the country’s…

  • emOn Historyem
    Last Aired

    On History

    Filmmakers Oliver Stone and Tariq Ali presented their thoughts on the politics of history and what they consider to be hidden aspects of American history in this continuation of the ongoing dialogue which…

  • The Abuse of Power  Then and Now
    Last Aired

    The Abuse of Power: Then and Now

    Arianna Huffington talked about her book, How to Overthrow the Government. John W. Dean talked about his book, The Rehnquist Choice. Oliver Stone commented on the book, Oliver Stone’s USA:…

  • An Evening with Oliver Stone
    Last Aired

    An Evening with Oliver Stone

    Mr. Stone read portions of his recent autobiographical novel A Child’s Night Dream. The book details his childhood and the influences that have made an impact on his life. Mr. Stone also…

  • emA Childs Night Dreamem
    Last Aired

    A Child's Night Dream

    Mr. Stone talked about his new autobiographical novel, A Child’s Night Dream. He spoke about his fears growing up which included his parents' divorce, New York City, and succeeding in the…

  • Nixon Film As History
    Last Aired

    Nixon Film As History

    Panelists discussed the historical accuracy and social commentary contained in the 1995 film, Nixon, directed by Oliver Stone. Professor Schlesinger sharply criticized the film for blurring the line…

  • Rules Committee Minority Report
    Last Aired

    Rules Committee Minority Report

    Delegates to the 1992 Democratic National Convention debated the minority rules report on the third day of the proceedings. Five speakers, including Hollywood director Oliver Stone, spoke…

  • Disclosure of JFK Assassination Records
    Last Aired

    Disclosure of JFK Assassination Records

    The House Government Operations Subcommittee on Legislation and National Affairs heard testimony on legislation that would mandate full disclosure of the federal government’s files on the investigation…

  • Making the Movie emJFKem
    Last Aired

    Making the Movie J.F.K.

    Oliver Stone described the development and filming of the movie, J.F.K. The movie subscribes to the conspiracy theory of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963, describing a plot…

  • Oliver Stone

    Oliver Stone

    Oliver Stone spoke about his experiences in Viet Nam, Nicaragua, el Salvador and using it in film making. He answered questions from the audience.