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  • Cable Television Competition Act Day 2
    Last Aired

    Cable Television Competition Act, Day 2

    The subcommittee heard testimony on the second day of hearings on H.R. 1303, the Cable Television Consumer Protection and Competition Act. Cable television executives testified on a…

  • Cable Television Reregulation
    Last Aired

    Cable Television Reregulation

    The committee heard testimony on Senate Bill 12, the Cable Television Consumer Protection Act of 1991. The bill was designed to regulate the prices and quality of cable television services, many…

  • BroadcastCable Interface Forum
    Last Aired

    Broadcast-Cable Interface Forum

    Participants in the forum examined issues in broadcast and cable television. They focused on present and future issues of mass media regulation including telecommunication companies'…

  • Cable TV Consumer Protection Act Part 2
    Last Aired

    Cable TV Consumer Protection Act, Part 2

    Mr. Mooney and Mr. Hostetter answered questions asked by Sen. Gore about allegations of anti-competition behavior by cable providers against broadcast networks. They talked about the cable response to…

  • BroadcastingCable Interface
    Last Aired

    Broadcasting/Cable Interface

    The conference concerns the relationship between broadcasters and cable operators, the role of government in legislating the industries, and current issues and technological advances that…

  • Cable TV Competitiveness
    Last Aired

    Cable TV Competitiveness

    Subcomittee on Antitrust, Monopolies and Business Rights held hearings on competitive problems in the cable television industry, focusing on proposed legislation to redefine effective…

  • Hiring  Promotion in Cable TV  the Broadcast Industry
    Last Aired

    Hiring & Promotion in Cable TV & the Broadcast Industry

    The subcommittee held an oversight hearing on equal employment opportunity hiring and promotion practices affecting minorities in the broadcast, cable, and telecommunications industries.…

  • CSPAN Broadcast Cable Interface DC Seminar
    Last Aired

    C-SPAN Broadcast Cable Interface D.C. Seminar