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Persian Gulf War Eduard Shevardnadze


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  • Presidential News Conference
    Last Aired

    Presidential News Conference

    President Bush and Shevardnadze met with reporters after their meeting. In prepared remarks, the president announced plans to assist with medical supplies and food shortages and to help Gorbachev…

  • SovietIsraeli Relations
    Last Aired

    Soviet-Israeli Relations

    Prime Minister Shamir and Foreign Minister Shevardnadze met with the press after their meeting. They discussed the situation in the Middle East, the international situation, ways to bring…

  • Authorization of Force in the Persian Gulf
    Last Aired

    Authorization of Force in the Persian Gulf

    The Foreign Ministers of member nations debated and passed a resolution authorizing the use of force to achieve the withdrawal of Iraqi forces from Kuwait if forces are not withdrawn…

  • Soviet Union and the United Nations
    Last Aired

    Soviet Union and the United Nations

    Soviet Foreign Minister Shevardnadze addressed the United Nations General Assembly. Mr. Shevardnadze congratulated the state of Germany on its unification. He condemned the Iraqi invasion…

  • Increased Sanctions Against Iraq
    Last Aired

    Increased Sanctions Against Iraq

    The United Nations Security Council met to discuss a proposed increase in the sanctions against Iraq. Members voted nearly unanimously to ban all air flights in and out of Iraq and to…