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  • Attorney General Barr Meets with Tech Industry Officials to Discuss Elder Abuse Fraud Prevention
    Last Aired

    Elder Abuse Fraud Prevention

    Attorney General William Barr made opening remarks to his meeting with officials from Apple, Microsoft, and AT&T to discuss ways their companies can help mitigate against elder fraud abuse.

  • Crime Legislation
    Last Aired

    Crime Legislation

    Professor Miller moderated this discussion about the recently passed crime legislation. Various issues were examined, including state versus federal status in relation to controlling crime…

  • Immigration and Violent Crime
    Last Aired

    Immigration and Violent Crime

    Mr. Barr spoke about immigration and different approaches to dealing with violent crime. Since he was confirmed as Attorney General, he has recommended expanding the Immigration and…

  • Significant Violent Crime Initiative
    Last Aired

    Significant Violent Crime Initiative

    Mr. Barr and Mr. Sessions met with reporters to present the Significant Violent Crime Initiative. They described the initiative, which would reassign approximately 300 counterintelligence…

  • Farewell Address to Department of Justice
    Last Aired

    Farewell Address to Department of Justice

    Former Attorney General Dick Thornburgh summed up the accomplishments of the Department of Justice during his tenure in a farewell speech to members of the department. Attorney General Thornburgh…

  • Preparing for Crime in the Future
    Last Aired

    Preparing for Crime in the Future

    The panelists talked about the current dimensions of the problems being faced by law enforcement in handling crime and violence. The collection and analysis of reported crime and…

  • Violent Crime and Public Safety in 1990s
    Last Aired

    Violent Crime and Public Safety in 1990s

    Attorney General Thornburgh began the 1991 Crime Summit with an overview of the current situation of violent crime in America. He discussed the responsibilities of law enforcement in dealing with…