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  • Remembering William F Buckley Jr Part 1
    Last Aired

    Remembering William F. Buckley Jr., Part 1

    The National Review Institute looks at the life and legacy of William F. Buckley Jr., the TV personality, political activist and founder of the National Review who died ten years ago in 2008. Mr.…

  • emVox Populiem
    Last Aired

    Vox Populi

    New Criterion publisher and editor Roger Kimball examined the pros and cons of populism today.

  • emShattered Consensusem
    Last Aired

    Shattered Consensus

    James Piereson talked about his book Shattered Consensus: The Rise and Decline of America’s Postwar Political Order, in which he looks at how America can return to its historical path of dynamism…

  • Life and Political Thought of James Burnham
    Last Aired

    Life and Political Thought of James Burnham

    Donald Kagan made opening remarks at the fourth annual conference of the William F. Buckley, Jr. Program, giving a biographical sketch of James Burnham before a panel discussion. “The Life and Political…

  • emOpen Immigration Yea and Nayem
    Last Aired

    Open Immigration: Yea and Nay

    Alex Nowrasteh and Mark Krikorian debated whether U.S. immigration policy should be more open or less open. Commentary by George Will, Andrew McCarthy, Michael Barone, and John Fonte provided competing views on…

  • Contemporary Conservtism
    Last Aired

    Contemporary Conservtism

    From a conference on the 60th anniversary of the publication of Whittaker Chambers' book, Witness, panelists talked about the question, “Without anti-communism what defines conservatives today?”…

  • The Relevance of William F Buckleys emGod and Man at Yaleem
    Last Aired

    The Relevance of William F. Buckley's God and Man at Yale

    Panelists discussed the continuing relevance of William F. Buckley Jr.'s book, God and Man at Yale, which has been in print since its publication in 1951. They also responded to questions from members of the audience.…

  • Publisher Interview Encounter Books
    Last Aired

    Publisher Interview: Encounter Books

    Roger Kimball talked about the new and forthcoming books from Encounter Books. He was interviewed at the Conservative Political Action Conference held February 10-12, 2011, at the…

  • emAthwart Historyem
    Last Aired

    Athwart History

    Roger Kimball, publisher of Encounter Books and Linda Bridges, former managing editor of the National Review, present a collection of William F. Buckley’s writings on subjects ranging from…

  • The Founders and Limited Government
    Last Aired

    The Founders and Limited Government

    Panelists spoke about the vision of the country’s founders, the future of limited government, the results of recent elections, and potential political struggles in the 112th Congress. This was part of…

  • Role of Government
    Last Aired

    Role of Government

    Panelists spoke about the future of limited government, the results of recent elections, as well as the Calvin Coolidge presidency. This was part of the conference “The Wisdom of the Founders:…

  • John Bolton Remarks on Limited Government
    Last Aired

    John Bolton Remarks on Limited Government

    John Bolton talked about international threats to representative governments and free market economies. He spoke at the Princeton Club in New York City. This was the keynote address of the conference,…

  • Remembering William F Buckley Jr
    Last Aired

    Remembering William F. Buckley, Jr.

    Colleagues of William F. Buckley, Jr., who died February 27, 2008, talked about him professionally and personally. They talked about his personality,life and career, and his championship of conservatism. Then they responded…

  • Intellectuality and Morality of Openness
    Last Aired

    Intellectuality and Morality of Openness

    Panelists discussed the topic, “Are Certain Forms of ‘Openness’ Really Tantamount to Intellectuality and Morality?” The session was part of a conference celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the release…

  • emCounterpointsem
    Last Aired


    Roger Kimball talked about the book he co-edited with Hilton Kramer, Counterpoints: 25 Years of “The New Criterion” on Culture and the Arts, published by Ivan R. Dee. Twenty-five years after the…

  • emThe Rape of the Mastersem
    Last Aired

    The Rape of the Masters

    Mr. Kimball talked about his book Rape of the Masters: How Political Correctness Sabotages Art, published by Encounter Books. In his remarks he commented on the state of art history, the…

  • Survival of Culture
    Last Aired

    Survival of Culture

    As part of New York University’s Public Policy Series, the panelists discussed the state of world culture including the interaction and differences between Western and Eastern cultures in…

  • Role of Intellectuals in Public Life
    Last Aired

    Role of Intellectuals in Public Life

    The panelists discussed the place of the public intellectual in American society. They talked about the influence of intellectuals in political life and the involvement of intellectuals in…

  • emTenured Radicalsem
    Last Aired

    Tenured Radicals

    In August of 1990, Roger Kimball was a guest on Booknotes to discuss his book Tenured Radicals: How Politics Has Corrupted Our Higher Education, published by Abrams Books. A revised edition of this book was…

  • emThe Long Marchem
    Last Aired

    The Long March

    Mr. Kimball talks about his book The Long March: How the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s Changed America, published by Encounter Books. The book examines what the author terms the “radical…

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