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  • Talk Radio Issues
    Last Aired

    Talk Radio Issues

    In a forum called “The Talk Rumble,” talk show hosts debated various controversial news stories, including punishment for children who murder other children and cover-ups of UFO information.

  • Hot Topics in Talk Radio
    Last Aired

    Hot Topics in Talk Radio

    In a radio “talk rumble,” talk show hosts answered rapid-fire questions about a variety of issues in the news. Among the topics addressed were the Elian Gonzalez case, gun control, and the…

  • Talk Television  Today and Tomorrow
    Last Aired

    Talk Television: Today and Tomorrow

    The forum participants discussed the relationship between talk radio and news talk television. They wondered whether appropriate topics were being brought to the nation in this format. They…

  • Effects of the Internet
    Last Aired

    Effects of the Internet

    Radio talk show hosts from around the U.S. gathered to discuss the social and political effects of the Internet on the nation. Ms. Cullum moderated the discussion, which also covered the…

  • Social and Political Impact of New Media
    Last Aired

    Social and Political Impact of New Media

    Panelists concluded a day-long symposium on the impact of talk radio and new media. They discussed issues such as the role of talk radio in provoking discussions on controversial subjects…

  • Washington Journal Wednesday San Diego
    Last Aired

    Washington Journal: Wednesday San Diego

    Current news events and political issues were examined through reviews of the morning newspapers; interviews with journalists, newsmakers and legislators; and viewer telephone calls, faxes…

  • Talk Radio Fairness
    Last Aired

    Talk Radio Fairness

    The panelists discussed a proposed so-called fairness doctrine, which would force broadcasting stations to provide time for opposing viewpoints on national and local issues. Following…

  • Broadcasting Minority Diversity
    Last Aired

    Broadcasting Minority Diversity

    This was a forum discussion moderated by Ms. Beal on gender and minority diversity in radio broadcasting. After discussion with the moderator, the panelists took questions from the audience.

  • Radio Talk Show Topics
    Last Aired

    Radio Talk Show Topics

    The panelists examined the ten most prominent topics, events and personalities on talk radio over the past four years. They were commemorating the fourth anniversary of Talkers Mmagazine.…