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  • The Senate Conflict and Compromise
    Last Aired

    The Senate: Conflict and Compromise

    This C-SPAN Original Production look inside the U.S. Senate explores its history, traditions, and constitutional powers.

  • The Senate Chamber
    Last Aired

    The Senate Chamber

    C-SPAN toured the U.S. Senate Chamber, in use since 1859, to learn about its history, art, and artifacts, including the famous Senate desks.

  • Old Senate Chamber
    Last Aired

    Old Senate Chamber

    C-SPAN toured the Old Senate Chamber, where the body met from 1810-1859, is where the Senate grew in stature and became the primary forum for debating the issues of the day, including slavery.…

  • President Washingtons First Visit to the Senate
    Last Aired

    President Washington's First Visit to the Senate

    Senate Historian Emeritus Richard Baker told the story of President George Washington personally paying a visit to the Senate to lobby the body for its immediate approval of a treaty.…

  • QA with Congressional Historians
    Last Aired

    Q&A with Congressional Historians

    Congressional historians Richard Baker, Ray Smock, and Donald Ritchie talked about American history and the U.S. Congress.

  • The LBJ Tapes Senator Dirksen Conversations
    Last Aired

    The LBJ Tapes: Senator Dirksen Conversations

    Audio Stream Only

    President Lyndon Johnson’s calls with Senator Everett Dirksen about negotiations on key legislation including the Civil Rights and Voting Rights bills, bargaining over key appointments and…

  • emThe Capitolem
    Last Aired

    The Capitol

    The history, art, and architecture of the U.S. Capitol from its opening in 1800 to the present were presented in a special 107-minute version of The Capitol. The documentary featured the impact…

  • LBJ Tapes Dirksen Phone Calls
    Last Aired

    LBJ Tapes: Dirksen Phone Calls

    Audio Stream Only

    The 1963-1969 calls between President Johnson and Senate Republican Leader Everett Dirksen as they negotiate over key legislation, including the Civil Rights, Voting Rights bills and tax and gold…

  • QA with Richard Baker
    Last Aired

    Q&A with Richard Baker

    Richard Baker talked about the historical narrative he co-wrote with Neil MacNeil, The American Senate: An Insider’s History. The book details the emergence of the U.S. Senate as what Mr. Baker termed “the…

  • The Capitol  US Senate
    Last Aired

    The Capitol: U.S. Senate

    The history, art, and architecture of the U.S. Capitol from its opening in 1800 to the present were featured through taped segments on the various public and private spaces in the building, tours, and personal…

  • Freedom Award Presentations
    Last Aired

    Freedom Award Presentations

    Norman Ornstein presented the award to Richard Baker, who became the first Senate historian in 1975. An advocate for the openness of government, he drafted the Senate’s first rules for…

  • QA with Richard Baker
    Last Aired

    Q&A with Richard Baker

    Richard Baker told stories from the history of the Senate and showed some rare photographs of senators. Mr. Baker retired in August 2009 after 34 years as the first historian of the United…

  • Senate Procedures
    Last Aired

    Senate Procedures

    Former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, Senate Historian Richard Baker, and the Wall Journal's Capitol Hill reporter Janet Hook talked about the history of Senate procedures. Topics…

  • The Senate and the Political System
    Last Aired

    The Senate and the Political System

    Richard Baker provided historical perspective on the role of the Senate in the U.S. political system. He was the first Senate historian and retired after 35 years in 2009. Topics included…

  • Changes to Congress
    Last Aired

    Changes to Congress

    Panelists discussed “What Would the Founders Think of Congress Today?” at the Institute on Congress and American History’s week-long symposium for high school teachers on the teaching of history…

  • Party Control of Congress
    Last Aired

    Party Control of Congress

    Richard Baker talked about the history of party control in the House and Senate. Topics included control turnovers in the past, the implications of the current party control turnover in the…

  • QA with Richard Baker
    Last Aired

    Q&A with Richard Baker

    Mr. Baker was interviewed about the history of the U.S. Senate, as well as past major leaders and debates conducted in the body. He also talked about his academic training, experiences in the office of…

  • Rare Senate Ledger
    Last Aired

    Rare Senate Ledger

    Senator Daschle and Mr. Baker spoke to reporters about the discovery of several old ledgers dating from 1791 to 1881 in which were recorded the expenses of the Senate. The first volume also…

  • Supreme Court Confirmation Preview
    Last Aired

    Supreme Court Confirmation Preview

    Mr. Baker spoke about the history of confirmation hearings in the Russell Senate Caucus Room. He also discussed other hearings held inside the Caucus Room including the Watergate and Teapot…

  • Rare Senate Ledger
    Last Aired

    Rare Senate Ledger

    Senate Historian Baker conducted a tour of the area in a sub-basement of the U.S. Capitol where a rare U.S. Senate Ledger, dated 1790-1881, was found. He was interviewed along with Senate…

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