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  • South African President Inauguration
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    South African President Inauguration

    During a 90-minute ceremony in Pretoria, South Africa, President Mandela took the oath of office to assume the presidency of South Africa. It marked the first time in over four hundred…

  • South African State of the Nation Debate
    Last Aired

    South African State of the Nation Debate

    Opposition leaders and government ministers reacted to President Mandela’s speech to the opening session of Parliament. Then, the next day, President Mandela reacted to their comments.

  • South Africa Constitution Adoption
    Last Aired

    South Africa Constitution Adoption

    Members of both houses of the South African Parliament met in a constitutional assembly to debate the adoption of a permanent constitution to replace the provisional document under which…

  • South African Parliamentary Assembly
    Last Aired

    South African Parliamentary Assembly

    In an official ceremony, the outcome of the South Africanelections in which Nelson Mandela won a majority making him the first blackto be elected to lead South Africa was announced.

  • South African Election Speeches
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    South African Election Speeches

    Mr. De Klerk spoke about the guarantees of the new constitution and the importance of working together with Mr. Mandela to solve South Africa’s problems, especially preserving the new democracy.…

  • South African Campaign Debate
    Last Aired

    South African Campaign Debate

    The two South African leaders spoke during a televised debate just two weeks prior to the first free elections in South Africa. Mr. de klerk and Mr. Mandela discussed their goals for the…

  • Plenary on South Africas New Constitution
    Last Aired

    Plenary on South Africa's New Constitution

    On November 18 in Johannesburg, South Africa’s white minority government and black political leaders came together to approve a new constitution. Two years in the making, this new constitution…

  • Liberty Medal Celebration
    Last Aired

    Liberty Medal Celebration

    President Clinton, Mr. Mandela and South Africa President De Klerk spoke during a ceremony to award the two South African leaders the Liberty Medal for their work in furthering the cause of…

  • Constitutional Reforms in South Africa
    Last Aired

    Constitutional Reforms in South Africa

    The president of South Africa and the head of one of its largest political parties spoke near the end of the Convention for a Democratic South Africa, which was seeking a road to restart…