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  • Liberty Medal Celebration
    Last Aired

    Liberty Medal Celebration

    President Clinton, Mr. Mandela and South Africa President De Klerk spoke during a ceremony to award the two South African leaders the Liberty Medal for their work in furthering the cause of…

  • Plenary on South Africas New Constitution
    Last Aired

    Plenary on South Africa's New Constitution

    On November 18 in Johannesburg, South Africa’s white minority government and black political leaders came together to approve a new constitution. Two years in the making, this new constitution…

  • South African Politics
    Last Aired

    South African Politics

    President De Klerk outlined his administration’s plans for the future of South Africa in a speech on the floor of the South African Parliament on the opening session of the legislature. He…

  • South Africa Constitution Special
    Last Aired

    South Africa Constitution Special

    Participants discussed South Africa’s new constitution and its potential ratification by Parliament. Mr. Mulder participated via telephone from Cape Town, South Africa and Mr. Ngcuka also discussed via phone from…

  • Situation in South Africa
    Last Aired

    Situation in South Africa

    Mr. deKlerk spoke before the congress on disparities between people around the globe. He stated that South Africa is a microcosm of the rest of the world and that people are becoming more…

  • USSouth Africa Relations
    Last Aired

    U.S.-South Africa Relations

    South African President De Klerk responded to reporters' questions following his meeting with President Clinton in the White House. In his remarks, President De Klerk discussed the topics…

  • Politics in South Africa
    Last Aired

    Politics in South Africa

    South African President De Klerk spoke to a luncheon audience at the National Press Club on the process of democratization and economic reform in South Africa. In his remarks, he discussed…