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Persian Gulf War Zalman Shoval


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  • Jewish Issues after Persian Gulf War
    Last Aired

    Jewish Issues after Persian Gulf War

    Prime Minister Shamir addressed the conferees via telephone about the peace process in the Middle East. After his remarks, Ambassador Shoval addressed the conferees on the same topic.

  • Israeli Ambassador and Mayors
    Last Aired

    Israeli Ambassador and Mayors

    The mayors met with the Israeli Ambassador to express their support of the state of Israel for not immediately retaliating to SCUD missile attacks from Iraq. They spoke to reporters during…

  • Israeli Ambassador Address
    Last Aired

    Israeli Ambassador Address

    Israel Ambassador to the U.S. Shoval discussed the developments in the Middle East and considered the options available to Israel, given the possibility of future Iraqi use of chemical…

  • Persian Gulf War
    Last Aired

    Persian Gulf War

    Sen. Mitchell presented Ambassador Shoval with a copy of Senate Concurrent Resolution 4 condemning “Iraq’s unprovoked attack on Israel” and reaffirming the U.S.'s close relationship with Israel.…

  • Israeli Response to SCUD Attacks
    Last Aired

    Israeli Response to SCUD Attacks

    After a resolution praising Israeli restraint for not retaliating against recent SCUD missile attacks by Iraq passed in the House of Representatives, House leaders met with Mr. Shoval for a…

  • Persian Gulf War Israeli Ambassador
    Last Aired

    Persian Gulf War: Israeli Ambassador

    Ambassador Shoval reacted to the Iraqi SCUD missile attack on Tel Aviv, and discussed how the war in the Persian Gulf has affected life in Israel. He also considered how Israel can best…

  • Israeli Response to SCUD Attack
    Last Aired

    Israeli Response to SCUD Attack

    Mr. Shoval spoke to reporters shortly after Iraq attacked Israel with SCUD missiles, a provoking act by Iraq to bring Israel into the war. Mr. Shoval deplored the attack, and said Israel…

  • Events in Middle East
    Last Aired

    Events in Middle East

    Ambassador Shoval spoke to the audience on the present status of Israeli/American relations.