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  • Liberty Medal Celebration
    Last Aired

    Liberty Medal Celebration

    President Clinton, Mr. Mandela and South Africa President De Klerk spoke during a ceremony to award the two South African leaders the Liberty Medal for their work in furthering the cause of…

  • President Clinton 1993 Inaugural Ceremony
    Last Aired

    President Clinton 1993 Inaugural Ceremony

    President Clinton addressed the nation following his swearing-in during the presidential inauguration ceremony. In his remarks, the president called for Americans to assume greater…

  • Ginsburg Supreme Court Nomination
    Last Aired

    Ginsburg Supreme Court Nomination

    President Clinton spoke in a ceremony in the Rose Garden to announce his nominee to fill the Supreme Court seat of retiring Justice Byron White. He called his nominee, Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, “one of our…

  • Sarah Brady February 6 1942  April 3 2015
    Last Aired

    Brady Bill Signing Ceremony

    President Clinton, joined by Jim and Sarah Brady and a number of congressional leaders, signed the long-debated Brady Bill. The Brady Bill creates a five-day waiting period for a background check on…

  • Supreme Court Justice SwearingIn Ceremony
    Last Aired

    Supreme Court Justice Swearing-In Ceremony

    President Clinton and Supreme Court nominee Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg spoke during a ceremony in the White House to mark Judge Ginsburg’s swearing-in as Supreme Court Justice. Following the…

  • Presidential Economic Address
    Last Aired

    Presidential Economic Address

    President Clinton announced his economic program in his first address to a joint session of Congress. He proposed a stringent system of tax increases and spending cuts intended to reduce the federal deficit…

  • FBI Director Firing
    Last Aired

    FBI Director Firing

    President Bill Clinton held a news conference and announced the firing of William Sessions as director of the FBI. He stated that Attorney General Janet Reno reviewed the performance of Mr.…

  • Holocaust Memorial Museum Dedication
    Last Aired

    Holocaust Memorial Museum Dedication

    “In Memoriam” 2016 continues with Nobel Laureate, peace activist and holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel. He died earlier this year at the age of 87. In April of 1993, Mr. Wiesel spoke at the…

  • 1993 White House Correspondents Dinner
    Last Aired

    1993 White House Correspondents' Dinner

    President Bill Clinton spoke at the annual dinner sponsored by the White House Correspondents Association following a comedy routine by Elayne Boosler. In his remarks, the president made…

  • Statue of Freedom Replacement
    Last Aired

    Statue of Freedom Replacement

    As a prelude to the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the U.S. Capitol Building, the 130-year-old Statue of Freedom was returned to the top of the Capitol dome after a 5-month…

  • North American Free Trade Agreement Signing
    Last Aired

    North American Free Trade Agreement Signing

    Three former presidents joined President Clinton and Vice President Gore in a White House ceremony promoting North American Free Trade Agreement. President Clinton spoke about the need to embrace…

  • Clinton Inaugural Parade
    Last Aired

    Clinton Inaugural Parade

    Bands and marchers heralded the inauguration of President Bill Clinton while the new president watched from the reviewing stand on Pennsylvania Avenue.

  • IsraelPalestine Peace Agreement
    Last Aired

    Israel-Palestine Peace Agreement

    In a ceremony which President Clinton called, “an extraordinary act in one of history’s defining dramas,” Israel and the Palestinian Liberation Organization signed an agreement which gives…

  • Inaugural Interfaith Church Service
    Last Aired

    Inaugural Interfaith Church Service

    President-elect Clinton and his family attended the interfaith church service at the Metropolitan A.M.E. Church in Washington, DC, on the morning of the presidential inaugural. The service was…

  • Oval Office Historical Perspective
    Last Aired

    Oval Office Historical Perspective

    The Oval Office was discussed from an historical perspective. Several clips were shown to depict the changes that the Oval Office has gone through. The Oval Office was first designed at the turn…

  • Clinton Inaugural Tour of Monticello
    Last Aired

    Clinton Inaugural Tour of Monticello

    Cameras followed Mr. Jordan as he gave a tour of Monticello, the home of former President Thomas Jefferson, to the Clintons and the Gores. The tour happened on the first morning of the four…

  • Clinton Inaugural Activities
    Last Aired

    Clinton Inaugural Activities

    Ms. Feld and Ms. Booth Conroy discussed the four days of events surrounding the Clinton presidential inaugural, including the inaugural balls taking place in Washington, DC, on the same evening. Scenes of the Arkansas…

  • Texas Cult Standoff
    Last Aired

    Texas Cult Standoff

    President Clinton spoke to reporters in the Rose Garden on the administration’s role in the events of the previous day, when the members of an armed religious sect in Waco, Texas, perished in a…

  • Robert Kennedy 25th Anniversary Memorial Mass
    Last Aired

    Robert Kennedy 25th Anniversary Memorial Mass

    Members of the Kennedy family, civil rights leaders and the descendants of 1960's civil rights leaders spoke during a Catholic mass commemorating the 25th anniversary of the death of former…

  • Presidential Health Care Proposal
    Last Aired

    Presidential Health Care Proposal

    President Clinton announced his health care reform proposal in his second address to a Joint Session of Congress. He proposed a comprehensive system of government sponsored, but privately controlled,…

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