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Persian Gulf War Anthony Beilenson


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  • House Session
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    House Session

    The House introduced 51 public bills, two private bills, and nine resolutions. By a vote of 387 yeas to 23 nays, the House passed H.R. 355, to amend the Reclamation States Drought Assistance Act of…

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  • PostPersian Gulf War Domestic Policy
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    Post-Persian Gulf War Domestic Policy

    Representative Beilenson discussed the political climate in the United States and the priorities for Congress and the nation in post-war months.

  • House Session
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    House Session

    The House completed all general debate on the situation in the Middle East. The House agreed to three extensions of the time for general debate by two hours, four hours, and four hours,…

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  • Rule for US Persian Gulf Resolutions
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    Rule for U.S. Persian Gulf Resolutions

    The committee took up and voted on a rule to determine the procedure to be taken for the Persian Gulf debate in Congress. The rule called for the House to take twelve hours of general…

  • US Policy in the Persian Gulf
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    U.S. Policy in the Persian Gulf

    Rep. Beilenson discussed the effect of Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze’s resignation upon U.S. Persian Gulf policy. Mr. Beilenson emphasized the importance of Shevardnadze to U.S.…

  • Congressional Delegation at White House
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    Congressional Delegation at White House

    The congressmen spoke to reporters after meeting with President Bush to discuss the congressional delegation’s trip to the Middle East. Mr. Beilenson said that he found American troops in…