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  • Forum Examines Press Coverage of the Presidency
    Last Aired

    Presidents and the Press

    The White House Historical Association convened a meeting in Washington, D.C. of those who work at presidential sites around the country -- and of descendants of presidents from James…

  • Sarah Sanders and Mike McCurry Discuss the Press and the Presidency
    Last Aired

    Press and the Presidency, Press Secretaries Panel

    Sarah Sanders and Mike McCurry talked about the relationship between the press and the presidency. Ms. Sanders is the Trump administration press secretary and Mr. McCurry was a press…

  • The Kennedy White House and the Press
    Last Aired

    The Kennedy White House and the Press

    A panel discussion was held on President Kennedy’s relationship with the press. The event was held in the State Department auditorium where President Kennedy held the first regularly…

  • White House Press Secretaries
    Last Aired

    White House Press Secretaries

    Former White House press secretaries for Gerald Ford and Bill Clinton talked about what the job was like and speculated on whether it would be harder in today’s digital age of 24/7 news coverage and…

  • West Wing The Press Room
    Last Aired

    West Wing: The Press Room

    The panelists talked about the West Wing of the White House, focusing on the White House Press Room.

  • White House and the Press
    Last Aired

    White House and the Press

    Professor Kumar moderated a panel of White House correspondents and White House press secretaries discussing the dependent relationship between the press corps and presidents. They…

  • Covering the White House
    Last Aired

    Covering the White House

    Participants discussed media coverage of the White House. Mr. McCurry and several journalists examined the issue from both sides and the dynamic between the press desire for information and Mr.…