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  • Mandate for Congress
    Last Aired

    Mandate for Congress

    Panelists spoke about the 2008 presidential election results. They focused on the message the voters sent by choosing President-elect Obama, the legislative challenges facing a new Congress, the margin of…

  • Impact of September 11 on Public Opinion
    Last Aired

    Impact of September 11 on Public Opinion

    Participants talked about the role of information and the media in efforts to combat terrorism following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the U.S. Among the topics they addressed…

  • Political Dimensions of Terrorism
    Last Aired

    Political Dimensions of Terrorism

    A two-day policy-making forum called “Terrorism, Security and America’s Purpose: Towards a More Comprehensive Strategy” was held to mark the fourth anniversary of the September 11 attack. Robert Kuttner moderated…

  • 2004 Election Campaign Polling
    Last Aired

    2004 Election Campaign Polling

    Mr. Kohut spoke about 2004 voter surveys, their impact on the election process, and the current presidential campaign. He also commented on the closeness of the polling in the presidential…

  • Changing Media Habits
    Last Aired

    Changing Media Habits

    Participants talked about a recent survey of news viewers and their media habits in finding sources of news. They then conducted a panel discussion on how political leanings influence…

  • Public Opinion After Iraq
    Last Aired

    Public Opinion After Iraq

    Participants talked about an survey of global attitudes toward the U.S. The poll took place in nine countries and focused on opinion about operations in Iraq, efforts to combat terrorism, the…

  • Pew Global Attitudes Project
    Last Aired

    Pew Global Attitudes Project

    Mr. Kohut talked about the new Pew Global Attitudes Project poll on international opinion of the U.S., the war on terrorism, and the future of Iraq. He also responded to viewer comments and…

  • Foreign Opinions of the US
    Last Aired

    Foreign Opinions of the U.S.

    Mr. Kohut presented the results of a survey on global attitudes toward the United States. Following the presentation Former Secretary Albright talked to reporters about her interpretation…

  • Voter Attitudes and the 2000 Election
    Last Aired

    Voter Attitudes and the 2000 Election

    Participants will talk about the results of a post-election survey conducted by the Pew Research Center.

  • Polls Predictions and the Press
    Last Aired

    Polls, Predictions and the Press

    Participants talked about the polling process and the accuracy of public opinion polls. Among the topics they addressed were the media’s use of polling data, public attitudes toward polls,…

  • Media Coverage of Presidential Primaries
    Last Aired

    Media Coverage of Presidential Primaries

    Polling experts and journalists talked about political polling in a campaign year. Among the issues they addressed were the accuracy of polls, what types of questions the media should ask polling…

  • 2000 Presidential Campaign Issues
    Last Aired

    2000 Presidential Campaign Issues

    Mr. Kohut talked about the important issues to voters in the upcoming presidential election. He stressed that the public does not want an in depth personal profile of the candidates. He…

  • Beyond Attack Ads and Sound Bites
    Last Aired

    Beyond Attack Ads and Sound Bites

    Representatives from local and national television networks and the Democratic and Republican parties talked about political strategies and campaigns. They talked about campaign commercials…

  • Political Polling
    Last Aired

    Political Polling

    Mr. Kohut talked about research to discover whether the quick polls taken by most news organization are biased when compared to polls taken over a longer period of time by telephone. Then…