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  • Mood of America Survey
    Last Aired

    Mood of America Survey

    Participants discussed a recent survey on the mood of america, and its findings. Researchers, political analysts and journalists discuss the recent times mirror center nationwide survey on…

  • Clinton First Year Review
    Last Aired

    Clinton First Year Review

    The participants discussed the president’s first year and the results of a poll indicating that President Clinton’s first year was comparable to other recent presidents.

  • Presidential Public Opinion
    Last Aired

    Presidential Public Opinion

    Participants discussed the polls their organizations have taken over the recent months indicating that President Clinton’s popularity has improved. They conjectured as to the reasons for this…

  • Doctors and Health Care Reform Issues
    Last Aired

    Doctors and Health Care Reform Issues

    Physicians and correspondents participated in a forum regarding the results of a Times-Mirror poll of medical personnel on the issue of health care reform. The survey requested the opinions of…

  • Voters Reactions to Presidential Campaign
    Last Aired

    Voters' Reactions to Presidential Campaign

    The participants in this forum discussed public opinion polls of the voters' reactions to the presidential election campaign. Issues brought up in the discussion included media coverage of…

  • Voter Priorities for a New Administration
    Last Aired

    Voter Priorities for a New Administration

    Several political scholars commented on the findings of a poll of American voters conducted by the Times-Mirror Center concerning voters' priorities for a new presidential administration.…

  • Presidential Polling
    Last Aired

    Presidential Polling

    The speakers discussed the presidential race and public opinion polls. The latest poll from the Times Mirror Center for the People and the Press attempted to study the significant opinion changes that have been…

  • The Generations Divide
    Last Aired

    The Generations Divide

    The Times Mirror Center for the People and the Press held a forum to discuss the results from the latest political poll. The poll, which is entitled “The Generations Divide” suggests that…

  • Press Coverage of the Presidential Campaign
    Last Aired

    Press Coverage of the Presidential Campaign

    The Center for National Policy sponsored a forum featuring media professionals and campaign officials on the performance of the media in the 1992 presidential campaign. The participants in the forum…