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  • White House Conference on Child Care Part 1
    Last Aired

    White House Conference on Child Care Part 1

    The President and Mrs. Clinton, administration officials, pediatricians and others discussed the challenges facing the U.S. child care system. They examined the quality, affordability and…

  • Global Climate Change Summit
    Last Aired

    Global Climate Change Summit

    President Bill Clinton previewed an October summit on global warming along with Vice President Al Gore. The president praised the vice president for his expertise in environmental affairs…

  • 1997 State of the Union Address
    Last Aired

    1997 State of the Union Address

    In the annual State of the Union address, President Clinton outlined in greater detail many of the proposals upon which he campaigned. He called for action on a variety of fronts by Congress, the states and the…

  • President Clinton 1997 Inaugural Ceremony
    Last Aired

    President Clinton 1997 Inaugural Ceremony

    President Clinton addressed the nation following his swearing-in during the presidential inauguration ceremony. In his remarks, he talked broadly about his goals for the nation over the…

  • National Prayer Breakfast
    Last Aired

    National Prayer Breakfast

    Political and religious leaders spoke at the 45th annual prayer breakfast. Dr. Carson, the featured speaker, talked about the challenges of anger and social isolation of young…

  • Ambassador Harriman Memorial Service
    Last Aired

    Ambassador Harriman Memorial Service

    Wearing a tie given to him by Ambassador Harriman the last time they met, President Clinton led the mourners at the funeral service for Ambassador Pamela Harriman who died in Paris last…

  • Tuskegee Public Health Study Apology
    Last Aired

    Tuskegee Public Health Study Apology

    President Clinton formally apologized to four survivors of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study in which African-American men were denied treatment in order to study the effects of syphilis on the body. The…

  • National Teacher of the Year Award
    Last Aired

    National Teacher of the Year Award

    President Clinton announced that the National Teacher of the Year is Sharon Draper of Cincinnati. She was chosen from the top teachers in each of the fifty states. The award is sponsored by…

  • Kyoto Global Climate Change Treaty
    Last Aired

    Kyoto Global Climate Change Treaty

    Vice President Gore returned from Japan and the Kyoto Global Climate Change Conference and reported on what occurred. The vice president acknowledged the leadership provided by Senator…

  • Womens Military Memorial Dedication
    Last Aired

    Women's Military Memorial Dedication

    The Women’s Military Memorial was dedicated at Arlington National Cemetery. It is the nation’s first memorial to women, who have served in great numbers over the period of American history…

  • Presidential Review of Troops
    Last Aired

    Presidential Review of Troops

    The president and his family and the vice president and his family descended the steps of the U.S. Capitol to review two military units. Then they entered a limousine for the drive down…

  • Naval Academy Commencement Address
    Last Aired

    Naval Academy Commencement Address

    Vice President Gore delivered the commencement address to U.S. Naval Academy graduates. He served in Vietnam in the U.S. Army. The vice president told the graduates that the United States was very proud and…

  • Electoral College Ballot Count
    Last Aired

    Electoral College Ballot Count

    Ballot tellers checked and tallied the electoral votes from all fifty states as witnessed by the President of the Senate under the obligations of the U.S. Constitution as laid out in…

  • Tennessee Inaugural Ball
    Last Aired

    Tennessee Inaugural Ball

    Before the vice president and president arrived at the Tennessee inaugural ball, telephone lines were opened. Then Vice President Gore spoke to the crowd and danced with his wife. Shortly…

  • National Education Standards
    Last Aired

    National Education Standards

    President Clinton conducted a roundtable on improving national education quality by initiating national education standards. The president has encouraged every state to participate in…

  • Volunteerism Summit Kickoff Rally
    Last Aired

    Volunteerism Summit Kickoff Rally

    President Clinton and three former presidents spoke to a group of young people to begin the Presidents' Summit for America’s Future at Marcus Foster Stadium. They urged the crowd and all…

  • Congressional Black Caucus Gala Dinner
    Last Aired

    Congressional Black Caucus Gala Dinner

    The Congressional Black Caucus and its supporters gathered in Union Station to end the 27th annual legislative conference. In his remarks, the president talked about his work with members…

  • President Roosevelt Memorial Dedication
    Last Aired

    President Roosevelt Memorial Dedication

    With Mike Wallace acting as master of ceremonies, President Clinton and others addressed the crowd of Washington dignitaries and Roosevelt family members gathered for the dedication of the new President Franklin…

  • Democratic National Committee Gala
    Last Aired

    Democratic National Committee Gala

    President Clinton and Vice President Gore and their wives spoke at the DNC annual dinner for donors, detailing the accomplishments of the administration and encouraging all Democrats to…

  • Presidents Call to Action
    Last Aired

    Presidents' Call to Action

    President Clinton and three former presidents took part in a summit to encourage volunteering to help youngsters. Summit chairman Colin Powell said, “Let’s go save our children!” President Clinton…

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