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  • emVietnam The Real Warem
    Last Aired

    Vietnam: The Real War

    Santiago Lyon, Peter Arnett, Nick Ut, and Julie Jacobson talked about the book Vietnam: The Real War - A Photographic History by the Associated Press and the state of war photography today.…

  • Discussion on Vietnam War Reporting
    Last Aired

    Vietnam War Reporting

    Journalists Bob Schieffer, Peter Arnett, and David Hume Kennerly talked about reporting from the battlefields during the Vietnam War and the role of the press during that time. They spoke at the…

  • Power of the Image in War
    Last Aired

    Power of the Image in War

    Panelists including war reporters and photographers detailed their experiences and the challenges of covering combat operations in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. They described the…

  • War Correspondents Reunion Vietnam Part 1
    Last Aired

    War Correspondents Reunion: Vietnam Part 1

    Former war correspondents talked about their experiences during the Vietnam war from the early 1960s to the pullout of U.S. troops in 1972. No Greater Love holds an annual remembrance for…

  • The Role of the Press During War
    Last Aired

    The Role of the Press During War

    Participants talked about media participation in wartime activities, reporting on military campaigns, and the lessons learned for coverage of past wars. Among the issues they addressed were…

  • Live from the Battlefield
    Last Aired

    Live from the Battlefield

    Mr. Arnett talked about the role of the war correspondent and about his experiences in Vietnam, Iraq and Bosnia. He discussed the changes in communications technology and the effect that…

  • Public Right to Information
    Last Aired

    Public Right to Information

    Mr. Arnett talked about the public right to information and the role of a journalist in investigating and providing that information to citizens. He also talked about his experiences as a…

  • World Press Freedom
    Last Aired

    World Press Freedom

    The Committee to Protect Journalists released a survey of 1997 attacks on journalists around the world. The report chronicles journalists who were killed or imprisoned for their work and…

  • Freedom of the Press Issues
    Last Aired

    Freedom of the Press Issues

    Following prepared remarks about his experiences in international news coverage and freedom of the press issues, Mr. Arnett answered questions from the audience. In addition, the press club…

  • International Press Freedom Awards
    Last Aired

    International Press Freedom Awards

    The International Press Freedom Awards were awarded to journalists from around the world for their exceptional physical and moral courage in pursuit of the truth.