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    House Session

    The House continued consideration of H.R. 2100, to authorize appropriations for the Defense Department over the next two years. The Schroeder amendment reducing American troops in Europe to…

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    Emergency Funding for Operation Desert Storm

    Highlights from the debate on the House Resolution 1175, Operation Desert Storm Emergency Authorization, which provided funding for the costs associated with Operation Desert Storm, which…

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    Troop Deployment in Persian Gulf

    Representative Beverly Byron, D-Maryland, discussed President George H. W. Bush’s November 8 announcement that he would increase the number of U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia. She also…

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    House Session

    The House continued consideration and debate of H.R. 4739, the Defense Authorization Bill for 1991.

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    House Session

    The House agreed to H. Res. 464, providing for agreeing to the amendments of the Senate to H.R. 4328. The House agreed to the amendments of the Senate to H.R. 4328, the Trade Agencies…

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    Events in the Persian Gulf

    Witnesses testified about recent events in the Persian Gulf. Defense Department officials answered questions concerning current concerns about the military budget being reviewed for…

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    Women in Combat

    Rep. Byron discussed her committee’s hearing to investigate the feasibility of women in combat.

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    Military Activities on Federal Lands, Part 1

    The House Interior & Insular Affairs Subcommittee on National Parks & Public Lands held a hearing that focused on the present and proposed use by military agencies of national forests and…

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    Strategic Arms Reduction

    The committee heard testimony on strategic arms reduction talks between the U.S. and the Soviet Union.

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    Closing & Realignment of Military Installations

    The subcommittee and panel heard testimony from Secretary of Defense Frank Carlucci on military installation closures. This video includes the original advertisements that aired in 1988.

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    Coproduction of M-16 Rifles Between the U.S. and Korea

    The subcommittee heard testimony on allegations that the Republic of Korea was producing M-16 rifles beyond the maximum allowed number specified in an agreement between the United States…

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    Military Medical Malpractice

    The House debated H.R. 1054, the Armed Forces Malpractice Liability Act.