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  • emThe Best and the Brightestem
    Last Aired

    The Best and the Brightest

    Mr. Halberstam was interviewed by Ben Bradlee about the influence of his 1973 book about how America became involved in Vietnam, The Best and the Brightest, published in a 20th anniversary…

  • Defining A Nation
    Last Aired

    Defining A Nation

    Panelists talked about the book Defining a Nation. They addressed various issues including race relations, the Civil Rights Movement, the Vietnam War, and American culture. They responded…

  • emWar in a Time of Peaceem
    Last Aired

    War in a Time of Peace

    Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Halberstam talked about his book, War in a Time of Peace: Bush, Clinton and the Generals, published by Scribner. He talked about trends in foreign…

  • Covering the South
    Last Aired

    Covering the South

    The panel consisted of journalists who had covered the Civil Rights Movement. They focused on the time period of 1960-1964. The panelists talked about the effect that the media had in…

  • emThe Fiftiesem
    Last Aired

    The Fifties

    Mr. Halberstam, author of The Best and the Brightest, discussed the research behind his latest book, The Fifties, published by Fawcett Books. He talked about the social climate of the 1950s…

  • In Depth with David Halberstam
    Last Aired

    In Depth with David Halberstam

    Author David Halberstam talked about his career as a journalist and author as well as about his complete body of work. The most recent of his 17 books is, War in a Time of Peace, published…

  • Writings of Halberstam and Sheehan
    Last Aired

    Writings of Halberstam and Sheehan

    From the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., Neil Sheehan and David Halberstam talked about their involvement in the Vietnam War. The two authors discussed the military struggle…

  • Vietnam and the Presidency  Keynote Address
    Last Aired

    Vietnam and the Presidency: Keynote Address

    David Halberstam gave the keynote address at a conference on Vietnam and the presidency. In his remarks he focused on the decision to go to war, his experiences as a war and foreign correspondent, and…

  • Comparing Vietnam and Iraq
    Last Aired

    Comparing Vietnam and Iraq

    Panelists who had been witnesses to the conflicts talked about comparisons between the wars in Vietnam and Iraq. Craig Whitney moderated. The focus was on the U.S. political aspects of both wars. After their…

  • Political Historians Roundtable
    Last Aired

    Political Historians' Roundtable

    Mr. Will, Mr. McCullough, and Mr. Halberstam spoke about their work as political historians. The 90 minute conversation, moderated by Brian Lamb, featured personal stories and anecdotes. Mr. Will, a weekly…

  • The President and His Enemies
    Last Aired

    The President and His Enemies

    In the program “U.S. Presidents in Perspective: The Shifting Fortunes of Presidential Reputations” a panel talked about how U.S. presidents had dealt with their political enemies and the…

  • Democratic National Convention Day 4 Evening
    Last Aired

    Democratic National Convention Day 4 Evening

    Participants highlighted the life and career of Vice President Gore and spoke about his qualifications for the presidency as well as his visions for America. Vice President Gore then accepted the…

  • The Warren Court
    Last Aired

    The Warren Court

    As part of a 25-year retrospective of the U.S. Supreme Court under Chief Justice Earl Warren, the speakers examined the Court’s legacy, the Justices and its historical impact. Judge…

  • America The Last 50 Years
    Last Aired

    America: The Last 50 Years

    Mr. Halberstam spoke about American history since 1945. He emphasized that when the United States was the only true superpower in all military, economic and political aspects during this…

  • emDefining a Nationem
    Last Aired

    Defining a Nation

    Panelists discussed the book Defining a Nation: Our America and the Sources of Its Strength, published by National Geographic. Contributor and editor David Halberstam and contributors Amy…

  • emLos Angeles Timesem Book Festival Interview
    Last Aired

    Los Angeles Times Book Festival Interview

    Mr. Halberstam was interviewed about his work and responded to telephone calls from viewers. His books include: The Teammates, from Hyperion; The Best and the Brightest, from Modern…

  • emReporting Civil Rights  America Journalism 19411973em
    Last Aired

    Reporting Civil Rights: America Journalism 1941-1973

    A panel featuring writers and journalists who contributed eyewitness accounts discussed the two-volume anthology Reporting Civil Rights: America Journalism 1941-1973, published by Library…

  • Recent American History
    Last Aired

    Recent American History

    Mr. Halberstam talked about writing recent history and about his new book, Firehouse. He answered questions from audience members.

  • 1968 and the Vietnam War
    Last Aired

    1968 and the Vietnam War

    Panelists reflected on 1968 and the Vietnam war. They discussed the idea that media reporting directly affected the public opinion toward the Vietnam War.

  • University of Southern California Commencement
    Last Aired

    University of Southern California Commencement

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