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    Senate Session

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    Government Loans to Automotive Industry

    Republican Senators talked talked to reporters and answered questions about proposed government loans to the automotive industry and their opposition to a federal bailout of the industry.

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    Government Assistance for Automotive Industry

    A hearing was held on requests from Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors for federal financial assistance to the domestic automotive industry. Executives from the auto companies requested a…

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    Special Inspector General Nomination Hearing

    A hearing was held to consider the nomination of Neil M. Barofsky to be the special inspector general for the Troubled Asset Relief Program. This position was designed to conduct,…

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    Domestic Automobile Industry, CEO Panel

    Automobile industry executives testified on the challenges facing the domestic automobile industry and their request for $25 billion in emergency federal assistance. They also addressed the…

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    Domestic Automobile Industry, Senator Stabenow Testimony

    Witnesses testified about the challenges facing the domestic automobile industry. They also addressed the current debate over the possible role of the federal government in assisting the…

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    Regulatory Response to the Credit Crisis

    Finance and housing officials testified about federal regulatory responses to the turmoil in the credit markets. They focused primarily on problems associated with the housing market and…

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    Senator Richard Shelby Speech

    Senator Richard Shelby spoke against voting in favor of financial markets legislation.

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    Reaction to Meeting on Financial Market Rescue Plan

    Sen. Shelby talked to reporters after discussing financial rescue plans with congressional leaders and President Bush. After delivering a statement, he answered questions from the reporters.

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    U.S. Credit Markets and Federal Rescue Plan

    Witnesses testified about recent turmoil in the financial markets, regulation of investment banking procedures, and on the need to enact legislation quickly on the Bush Administration $700…

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    Senate Banking Committee Member Reaction

    Following a Senate Banking Committee hearing on proposed plans for a federal rescue of the investment banking industry following recent turmoil in the financial markets, senators spoke to…

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    Federal Takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

    Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee Ranking Member Richard Shelby talked by remote video about the federal takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Topics included the impact…

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    Senate Session

    Sen.: Debate & Final Vote on Housing Bill

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    Financial Market Regulation

    The witnesses testified about recent financial market developments and regulatory responses to them. Among the issues they addressed were the housing mortgage crisis, Bush administration…

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    Monetary Policy Report

    Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke delivered the semiannual monetary policy report to the Congress and spoke about the state of the economy and financial markets. He addressed…

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    Senate Session

    The Senate confirmed the nominations of General David Petraeus to head U.S. forces in the Middle East and Southeast Asia,and Lieutenant General Ray Odierno to replace General Petraeus as…

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    Senate Session

    The Senate convened and resumed consideration of the House message to accompany H.R.3221, the housing bill.

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    Senate Session

    The Senate resumed consideration of the motion to proceed to H.R.6049, the Renewable Energy and Job Creation Act.

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    Local Perspective on the National Infrastructure

    Four mayors from around the country testified about the state of their cities' infrastructure, including their roads, bridges, transit systems, publicly-owned housing properties, and water…

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    State of the Banking Industry

    Witnesses testified about the state of U.S. credit and mortgage markets and efforts by the banking industry to address the current credit crisis. Among the topics they addressed were…

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