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  • Berlin Wall 1989 NBC News Special Reports
    Last Aired

    Berlin Wall 1989 NBC News Special Reports

    This series of NBC News special reports covers the breaking story of the Fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989. On that day a spokesman for East Berlin’s Communist Party announced…

  • Global Innovation
    Last Aired

    Global Innovation

    In a conversation with Garrick Utley, Howard Schultz talked about global innovation and the challenges that global businesses such as Starbucks face. He also described the growth of Starbucks from four stores in…

  • Fall of Saigon
    Last Aired

    Fall of Saigon

    The panelists discussed the fall of the South Vietnamese city of Saigon, the final event of the Vietnam War, which occurred 20 years ago. They also answered questions from the audience.

  • emWarrior Politicsem
    Last Aired

    Warrior Politics

    Mr. Kaplan talked about his book Warrior Politics, published by Random House, with Mr. Utley. Touching on the work of ancient philosophers, Mr. Kaplan argued in favor of leadership based on…

  • Book Fair and Authors Night
    Last Aired

    Book Fair and Authors' Night

    Approximately 80 authors signed books at the annual National Press Club Book Fair and Authors' Night. Several authors were interviewed about their newest books.

  • Publishers and the Public Responsibility
    Last Aired

    Publishers and the Public Responsibility

    As part of a symposium entitled, “The New World Order: The Role of the Media in the United States and the United Kingdom,” the panelists discussed editorial policies, freedom of the press…

  • Vietnam Today
    Last Aired

    Vietnam Today

    Participants discussed the legacy of the Vietnam war, especially how it continues to affect U.S.-Vietnam relations. They examined how the United States should delicately handle establishing…

  • Television Coverage of Foreign Policy
    Last Aired

    Television Coverage of Foreign Policy

    The panelists discussed the coverage of foreign affairs by the television industry. Topics included changes in the coverage of foreign affairs and in the attitude of the public. The…

  • Future of the United Nations
    Last Aired

    Future of the United Nations

    Secretary General Boutros-Ghali spoke on the future of the United Nations in the post-Cold War world. He stressed the necessity for an international organization like the United Nations in…

  • Television Media
    Last Aired

    Television Media

    Members of the panel focused how news is reported on television. Issues of discussion included recent international events, the presidential campaign, the treatment of other presidential…

  • Behind The Scenes at emMeet The Pressem
    Last Aired

    Behind The Scenes at Meet The Press

    Cameramen followed guests and staff members during the production of NBC’s Sunday morning public affairs program Meet The Press. Host Garrick Utley presided over the program, whose topic…