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  • 1968 and the Vietnam War
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    1968 and the Vietnam War

    Panelists reflected on 1968 and the Vietnam war. They discussed the idea that media reporting directly affected the public opinion toward the Vietnam War.

  • Media and the War on Terrorism
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    Media and the War on Terrorism

    Panelists talked about the relationship between the government and the media, information management policies in current efforts to combat terrorism, and media access to deployed troops.…

  • Vietnam Politics and Media
    Last Aired

    Vietnam: Politics and Media

    Participants talked about the impacts of the Vietnam War on domestic politics and on the media. Among the issues they addressed were the power of the media to sway political decision making, how…

  • Media Coverage of War
    Last Aired

    Media Coverage of War

    Mr. Kalb covered the fall of Saigon, and Mr. Nessen announced it to the nation as the White House press secretary. They discussed the impact of the Vietnam War on the news media. They also…

  • Traveling With Kissinger
    Last Aired

    Traveling With Kissinger

    Participants discussed former Secretary Kissinger’s style of diplomacy and his rapport with the press corps. They said that he often staged hours-long meetings with foreign heads of state…

  • emReporting Vietnamem Panel 2
    Last Aired

    Reporting Vietnam Panel 2

    Panelists discussed the book, Reporting Vietnam, published by Library of America. The book is about the role of journalism in the conduct of the Vietnam War.

  • Vietnam and MediaGovernment Relations
    Last Aired

    Vietnam and Media-Government Relations

    In a symposium on the 30th anniversary of the Tet Offensive, journalists who covered the Vietnam War discussed their experiences and described how the war influenced relations between the…

  • International Journalism
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    International Journalism

    Mr. Hall spoke about how the media should help people make sense of events occuring in the world around them and journalists' role in the world. Mr. Hall said that the readership and viewership…