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  • 2013 Eagle Forum Collegians Leadership Summit
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    2013 Eagle Forum Collegians Leadership Summit

    Authors talked about their books at the 20th Annual Eagle Forum Collegians Summit, held at the Heritage Foundation. This program included book discussions on: Devouring Freedom: Can Big Government Be Stopped? by James…

  • History of emWitnessem
    Last Aired

    History of Witness

    From a conference on the 60th anniversary of the publication of Whittaker Chambers' book, Witness, panelists talked about the history of the book. The panelists included Lee Edwards, Distinguished…

  • Worst Reporting of the Past Decade
    Last Aired

    Worst Reporting of the Past Decade

    With Mr. Evans serving as master of ceremonies, Michael Reagan, Cal Thomas, Emmett Tyrrell and Brent Bozell presented videotapes of all the nominees for the Media Research Center’s “Dishonor Awards” for the decade. In…

  • Regnery Publishing 50th Anniversary
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    Regnery Publishing 50th Anniversary

    Mr. Buckley and others spoke at a 50th anniversary dinner for Regnery Publishing. They spoke about the conservative effort to spread ideas through establishing their own publishing houses…

  • Religion versus Liberty
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    Religion versus Liberty

    Mr. Evans argued against the idea that liberty and religion have been in conflict throughout U.S. history. He proposed rather that U.S. liberty is founded on religious principles. He is the…