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  • US Institute of Peace Hosts Forum on Combating Violent Extremism
    Last Aired

    Countering Violent Extremism, Part 1

    The U.S. Institute of Peace held a series of panel discussions on efforts to prevent violent extremism in countries with weak or failing governments. In this portion, speakers included Madeleine…

  • Global Counterterrorism Efforts
    Last Aired

    Global Counterterrorism Efforts

    Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly joined an international panel of government ministers at the the Munich Security Conference in Germany to discuss combating terrorism and security challenges in the Middle East.…

  • Secretary Jeh Johnson Discusses Homeland Security Policy
    Last Aired

    Homeland Security Policy

    Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson was interviewed by Washington Post columnist David Ignatius about a variety of topics, including the 2016 election, immigration reform, the threat of…

  • National Intelligence Director James Clapper Discusses National Security Threats
    Last Aired

    Intelligence and National Security

    Director of National Intelligence James Clapper talked about intelligence gathering and national security threats. He discussed with David Ignatius efforts to combat ISIL*, saying the military strategy was…

  • Discussion on the US Strategy Against ISIS
    Last Aired

    U.S. Strategy Against ISIS

    Stephen Kappes and David Ignatius talked about ongoing efforts and challenges of combating *ISIL. Topics included the differences between dealing with the Iraqi and Syrian governments; Iran’s interests…

  • emThe Accidental Guerrillaem
    Last Aired

    The Accidental Guerrilla

    David Kilcullen talked about his book The Accidental Guerrilla: Fighting Small Wars in the Midst of a Big One (Oxford University Press, USA; March 16, 2009). He defines accidental guerrillas as…

  • American Society of Newspaper Editors
    Last Aired

    American Society of Newspaper Editors

    Three forums were held one three topics relating to the media and the military. In the first forum, the panelists focused on newspaper coverage of military operations in Iraq and the Middle East.…

  • Iraq and the Future of the Middle East
    Last Aired

    Iraq and the Future of the Middle East

    A panel discussed Iraq and the future of the Middle East. Topics included divisions between Sunni and Shia Muslims, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and other issues in the Middle East.…

  • Policy Toward Iraq
    Last Aired

    Policy Toward Iraq

    At the World Economic Forum in Davos, panelists from the Iraqi government and the international community discussed the future of Iraq. The group focused on national unity, economic development and security…

  • Efforts to Combat Terrorism
    Last Aired

    Efforts to Combat Terrorism

    Panelists talked about international efforts to combat terrorism and developing shared values in the effort. Following their remarks Mr. Ignatius moderated a discussion of the subject.