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  • Washington Journal Brad and Dallas Woodhouse
    Last Aired

    Bipartisanship and the Political Divide in the U.S.

    Brothers Brad (D) and Dallas Woodhouse (R) talked about Woodhouse Divided, their documentary on bipartisanship and the political divide around the U.S. and in individual family politics. During…

  • MoveOnorg Agenda for 2014
    Last Aired Agenda for 2014

    Ann Galland talked about’s goals and agenda for 2014, and other progressive issues. Topics included the health care law and its implementation, immigration, the environment, protecting…

  • Senator Tom Harkins Annual Steak Fry in Iowa
    Last Aired

    Senator Harkin's Annual Steak Fry

    Former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke at Senator Tom Harkin’s (D-IA) final annual steak fry in Indianola, Iowa. Senator Harkin was retiring at the end of the…

  • Newsmakers with Senator Rand Paul
    Last Aired

    Newsmakers with Senator Rand Paul

    Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) talked about Congress and his potential run for president in 2016. Senator Paul said that he wanted to tie raising the debt ceiling to economic concessions from Democrats, that he was…

  • Felons and Voting Rights
    Last Aired

    Felons and Voting Rights

    Myrna Perez talked about Attorney General Eric Holder’s call to to states to repeal laws that prohibit felons from voting after being released from prison. permanently reform felony disenfranchisement…

  • Newsmakers Karen Ignagni
    Last Aired

    Newsmakers with Karen Ignagni

    Karen Ignagni talked about the Affordable Care Act and its effect on competition among insurers. She described the insurance industry’s experience with state marketplaces, delays,…

  • White House State Dinner
    Last Aired

    State Dinner for French President Francois Hollande

    President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama welcomed French President Francois Hollande to the White House for their seventh official state dinner, held in the South Lawn Pavilion.…

  • Newsmakers Rep Raul Grijalva DAZ
    Last Aired

    Newsmakers with Representative Raul Grijalva

    Representative Raul Grijalva (D-AZ), co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, talked about immigration and the increase in the number of unaccompanied children and others from…

  • Washington Journal IsraeliPalestinian Conflict
    Last Aired

    Developments in Gaza

    Marc Ginsberg talked about the latest developments in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the situation in the Gaza Strip.

  • Washington Journal Common Core Standards Initiative
    Last Aired

    Common Core Standards Initiative

    Michael Petrilli talked about the Common Core Standards Initiative. He explained their role in overall U.S. education policy and the ongoing debate over the adoption of the standards in states.…

  • Club for Growth in 2014
    Last Aired

    Club for Growth in 2014

    Andrew Roth talked about the Club for Growth’s goals and agenda for 2014, the future of conservatism, divisions within the Republican Party, and the 2014 and 2016 elections. He also talked…

  • Civil War Scholarship
    Last Aired

    Civil War Scholarship

    Peter Carmichael and Caroline Janney talked about the ongoing academic research and consideration of the Civil War. This interview took place at the Organization of American Historians 2014…

  • Hillary Clinton on emHard Choicesem
    Last Aired

    Hillary Clinton on Hard Choices

    Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton talked about her memoir, Hard Choices. She talked about about her decision making process, the perceptions of the U.S. around the globe, and some…

  • 1960sEra Counterculture
    Last Aired

    1960s-Era Counterculture

    Alice Echols and David Farber talked about the 1960s counterculture. This interview took place at the Organization of American Historians 2014 meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Washington Journal Clinton Watts on US Response to ISIS
    Last Aired

    Clinton Watts on U.S. Response to ISIS

    Clinton Watts talked about what’s next in the U.S. response against ISIS* and the possibility of the terrorist group attacking the U.S. homeland. He also discussed the threat of Americans joining…

  • History of the CocaCola Company
    Last Aired

    History of the Coca-Cola Company

    Professor Bartow Elmore talks about the history of the Coca-Cola Company. This interview took place at the Organization of American Historians 2014 meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Campaign 2014 Election Night Coverage
    Last Aired

    2014 Election Night Coverage

    C-SPAN’s 2014 election night coverage included election results, candidate victory and concession speeches, and viewer reactions. Roll Call editor-in-chief Christina Bellantoni and…

  • US Fugitive Slaves in Mexico
    Last Aired

    U.S. Fugitive Slaves in Mexico

    Mekala Audain talked about the history of U.S. fugitive slaves in Mexico. This interview was from the Organization of American Historians 2014 annual meeting in Atlanta.

  • Washington Journal Middle East History
    Last Aired

    Sunni-Shiite Conflict in Iraq

    Shibley Telhami talked about the history of Islamic sects in Iraq. Topics included the differences between Sunnis, Shias, and the Kurds. He also discussed the history of Sharia law and the…

  • American History TV History of Hawaii and Sugar
    Last Aired

    History of Hawaii and Sugar

    Gregory Rosenthal was interviewed about Hawaiian history, labor, and the Hawaiian sugar industry. This interview took place at the 2014 meeting of the Organization of American Historians in…

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