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Federal Budget C. Eugene Steuerle


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  • emDead Men Rulingem
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    Dead Men Ruling

    Eugene Steuerle talked about his book, Dead Men Ruling: How to Restore Fiscal Freedom and Rescue Our Future, in which he argues that recent federal budget decisions have hampered the ability of…

  • 2013 Tax Increases and Budget Cuts Former Congressional Staff
    Last Aired

    2013 Tax Increases and Budget Cuts, Former Congressional Staff

    Panelists talked about dealing with the “fiscal cliff,” the impending tax increases and budget cuts at the end of 2012 if Congress cannot reach a new budget agreement. This program was part of a…

  • US Economy and Federal Debt
    Last Aired

    U.S. Economy and Federal Debt

    Ben Bernanke made the keynote address at a conference on the U.S. economy and the federal debt ceiling. In his remarks he said that “failing to raise the debt ceiling in a timely way would be…

  • Medicare Spending and Policy
    Last Aired

    Medicare Spending and Policy

    Health care, Medicare, and policy experts talked about curbing Medicare spending and the potential roadblocks to reforming the program.

  • Federal Budget Deficit Reduction
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    Federal Budget Deficit Reduction

    The Aspen Institute hosted a forum on reducing the federal budget deficit with panelists from a wide variety of viewpoints, including Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax reform, a member of…

  • Government Fiscal Policy
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    Government Fiscal Policy

    The Concord Coalition hosted a forum that looked at whether changes in process and policy could help policy makers rethink budgetary commitments and distinguish between various necessities.…

  • US Fiscal Policy
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    U.S. Fiscal Policy

    Nine public policy institutes cosponsored a conference on U.S. fiscal policy. Following several speeches, two panels discussed the issue and responded to questions from the audience.…

  • The Perfect  Budget Storm
    Last Aired

    The Perfect Budget Storm

    The panelists talked about the federal budget. They noted that the federal deficit continued to increase, while revenues dropped due to tax cuts and spending grew due to Medicare, Social…

  • The BudgetMaking Process
    Last Aired

    The Budget-Making Process

    Participants discussed the federal budget surplus, spending caps, and Republican and Democratic plans to use the surplus. After their discussion they answered questions from the audience.

  • Washington Journal Tuesday
    Last Aired

    Washington Journal: Tuesday

    Current news events and political issues were examined through reviews of the morning newspapers; interviews with journalists, newsmakers and legislators; and viewer telephone calls, faxes…

  • Fiscal Year 1995 Federal Budget
    Last Aired

    Fiscal Year 1995 Federal Budget

    Participants discussed the president’s '95 federal budget proposal under congressional consideration. They stated that the budget has few “controversial” segments and should be passed…

  • Impact of the Deficit on the Economy
    Last Aired

    Impact of the Deficit on the Economy

    The subcommittee heard testimony on the ramifications of the deficit on the health of the U.S. economy. The subcommittee took into consideration of General Accounting Office report that showed…