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  • Firearm Legislation
    Last Aired

    Firearm Legislation

    Guests talked about the Bush administration’s recent actions regarding the Second Amendment and gun laws. They had both recently written opposing editorials in The Legal Times on this…

  • Gun Manufacturer Liability and Criminal Use
    Last Aired

    Gun Manufacturer Liability and Criminal Use

    Participants discussed the liability of gun manufacturers for failure to install safety devices in guns that would prevent many gun accidents. They also examined past and current legal…

  • Liability for Gun Manufacturers
    Last Aired

    Liability for Gun Manufacturers

    The panelists took positions in favor and in opposition to the issue of gun control. Issues concerning improved safeguards were discussed as well as how those safeguards apply to law…

  • emUS v Lopezem
    Last Aired

    U.S. v. Lopez

    In March 1992, a high school student in San Antonio, Texas was arrested for carrying a concealed firearm on school grounds. He violated a federal law that prohibits them within 1000 yards…