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  • Social Security Reform
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    Social Security Reform

    Participants spoke to reporters about their support of the Social Security Commission’s proposal of personal accounts to reform the Social Security system. Following their remarks they…

  • Federal Estate Tax Legislation
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    Federal Estate Tax Legislation

    The authors talked about their study called "The Case for Burying the Estate Tax". Supporters of the study discussed ending the estate tax since it is onerous and burdensome according to…

  • Legal Challenge of Medicare Changes
    Last Aired

    Legal Challenge of Medicare Changes

    Representatives from the United Seniors Association talked about President Clinton’s proposed changes to the Medicare system. The United Seniors are proposing that citizens who are 65 and…

  • Collegians Leadership Forum
    Last Aired

    Collegians' Leadership Forum

    Students heard from conservative leaders at the fourth annual Eagle Forum student conference. Senator John Ashcroft spoke about the Constitutional Convention and the rule of law. Peter…

  • Cost of Government Day
    Last Aired

    Cost of Government Day

    Participants held a news conference in honor of the day which some have designated as the day on which citizens have paid for all the direct and indirect costs of the federal government for…

  • US Economy in the 1990s
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    U.S. Economy in the 1990s

    In a panel discussion titled, “The Economy in the 1990s: What Went Wrong in the Bush/Clinton Era,” participants discussed the recent performance of the U.S. economy. They examined the Bush…